Whitewater Rafting Trips in Colorado

Colorado Rafting Trips

Whitewater rafting trips in Colorado offer some of the best wilderness adventures on the continent. There’s the Colorado River itself, running out of the Rocky Mountains and into the canyons of the Colorado Plateau. Colorado also claims sections of the Green and Yampa rivers, which are major tributaries to the Colorado River. These rivers flow through forests and red rock canyons, past stunning beaches and through epic whitewater.

In the northwestern corner of Colorado, choose from two iconic river trips in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. The Green River flows through the imposing Gates of Lodore and into a landscape straight out of a fantasy novel. The Yampa is a free-flowing river that runs through a bright white canyon like nothing else on Earth. The Yampa and Green meet in Colorado’s Echo Park, a confluence with great historic and geologic significance. Farther south, Colorado’s namesake river slips through the pink sandstone and calm water of Ruby and Horsethief canyons. Stand-up paddle boards are popular here. Pair Ruby and Horsethief with Utah’s Westwater Canyon, just downstream to get the ultimate combination of relaxation and big whitewater splashes.

Whether you stick to a classic stretch on the Colorado River or test the waters of a hidden gem in Dinosaur National Monument, whitewater rafting in Colorado will not disappoint.

Colorado Rafting Gates of Lodore
Guides Rowing in Ruby and Horsethief Canyons on Westwater trip

2–3 Day Westwater

One of the most scenic whitewater rafting trips in Colorado, our three-day Westwater Canyon trip also includes Horsethief and Ruby canyons, part of western Colorado’s red rock playground. Plan three days for maximum relaxation, or come for a two-day whitewater whirlwind!

Yampa River Big Joe Rapid Whitewater

4–5 Day Yampa River

Experience a truly wild waterway on the un-dammed Yampa River in northwestern Colorado. With stunning canyon scenery and a perfect blend of whitewater and calm water, the Yampa invites you to spend five days savoring a deep wilderness experience unlike any other in the Colorado River system.

Lodore Canyon Whitewater Rapids Guide Trevor

4 Day Lodore

Northwestern Colorado’s best-kept secret: Lodore Canyon lies deep in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument, cradling the Green River between pine-covered, red rock walls. Spectacular scenery, nonstop rapids, varied hiking trails, and peaceful campsites come together to create the ideal four-day whitewater rafting trip.