Private Charter Trips in Utah and Colorado

Private Charter Whitewater and Mountain Biking Trips for Groups

Every year, Holiday helps to create a variety of private charter trips in Utah and Colorado. Our river and bike trips offer a perfect venue for your family reunion or corporate team-building weekend. The rivers and trails of the Colorado Plateau provide the setting for meaningful conversation and memories that last a lifetime. Celebrate a milestone birthday by pedaling the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. How about a floating bachelorette party trip through Westwater Canyon? You don’t even need a special occasion – organize a group of your best friends for a longer trip through the Gates of Lodore or Cataract Canyon.

Holiday’s reservation team has over 55 years of combined experience as trip planners. Additionally, they have an intimate understanding of each trip that we offer. They’ll help you select the best trip for your group. Whether one person takes the lead as the group organizer or every group member makes his or her own plans, we work through each step with you to bring the adventure to life.

Our office ensures that planning your trip is easy, and our guides take care of everything else out on the water. Once you arrive at our warehouse, your work is over. Holiday handles the transportation, food, entertainment, and sleeping accommodations. Choose a family vacation that truly feels like a vacation. Let us design an unforgettable wilderness adventure for your private group.

The minimum group size for customizable private charter trips in Utah or Colorado varies by the trip, time of year, and area. Group-rate discounts are available with groups of 10 or more.


Charter Specific Cancellation Policy:

Trips must meet the minimum number needed with a $400 per person deposit within 14 days of holding the trip. Full payment is due 90 days prior to the trip. Cancellations made outside of 90 days of the trip have a $400 service charge per person. Within 90 days of the trip, there are no refunds. 


Featured Review:

“I want to compliment you and Holiday and all our wonderful guides for your knowledge and expertise and commitment to oar-powered trips through Cataract.  I do not think we would have been happy with any other outfitter—Holiday was perfect for our private group of accomplished river rats and fishermen.”  – Hansler, from Eugene, Oregon, 6-day Cataract Canyon rafting trip

Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip

Westwater Private Charter

Our most popular trip for private charters, the Colorado River through Westwater Canyon is a little canyon that packs a big whitewater punch. Splash through the easy rapids of the first two days on stand-up paddleboards or inflatable kayaks. Day three features exciting Class IV whitewater that will leave you wanting more! We offer three launches a week all summer long, making it easy to fit your group’s schedule. This is an intermediate level trip; eight years old is the recommended minimum age.

  • Minimum 16 guests on weekdays, maximum 24
  • Minimum 20 guests on weekends, maximum 24
  • Group rate for 2-day $570, for 3-day $735
  • Available dates May-September
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

White Rim Bike Trip

White Rim Private Charter

A milestone birthday is a common excuse for getting a group together on the White Rim Trail, but of course, any reason works! This quintessential multi-day Moab mountain biking trip is enjoyable for active bikers of all ability levels. With a stop-you-in-your-tracks view around every corner and a support van to carry the glamping supplies, there’s nothing else quite like the White Rim. Recommended age minimum age for this trip is 14.

  • Minimum 10 guests, maximum 12
  • Group rate for 3-day $880, for 4-day trip $985
  • Available dates in April, May, August, September, and October
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

Cataract Canyon Rafting Trip

Cataract Canyon Private Charter

Holiday’s signature trip: the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon in the heart of Canyonlands National Park. This is the definitive Utah rafting trip, featuring gorgeous red rock canyon walls, extended hiking opportunities, and world-class whitewater. Book five or six days for maximum hiking and flexibility. Intermediate to advanced level trip, depending on water level. Minimum recommended age is eight at lower water, and 16 at higher water levels.

  • Minimum 16 guests, maximum 24
  • Group rate for 5-day $1,245, for 6-day $1,330
  • Available dates May 1st -September 24th
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

Lodore Canyon Rafting Trip

Lodore Private Charter

This beautiful section of the Green River is located in the center of Dinosaur National Monument. Rafting trips through Lodore Canyon are exceptionally well-rounded and lend themselves well to a private charter trip. Consistent, fun rapids are balanced with plenty of off-river time for hiking, relaxing, chatting, and connecting with your family or friends. Intermediate level trip; eight years old is the recommended minimum age.

  • Minimum 16 guests, maximum 24
  • Group rate for 4-day $1,070
  • Available dates May 19th -September 8th
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

Yampa River Rafting Trip

Yampa River Group Friends

The Yampa River has it all – splashy rapids every day, fun hikes to breathtaking destinations, and beautiful campsites, each more tranquil than the last. As the last truly wild river on the Colorado Plateau, the Yampa offers magic around every corner. Admire the sheer cliffs and carved alcoves of the Weber Sandstone as you wind your way down the canyon, allowing the anticipation of the lone Class IV rapid on the Yampa, Warm Springs Rapid, to build and build until your arrival. This trip can be four or five days and is listed as intermediate, with a recommended age of eight or older.

  • Minimum 16 guests, maximum 24
  • Group rate for 4-day $1,070, 5-day $1,170
  • Available dates May & June
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

Desolation Canyon Rafting Trip

Desolation Charter Trip

The beauty of a rafting trip on the Green River through Desolation Canyon is that it appeals to all ages and all adventurers. This under-the-radar trip is very popular for youth and family groups. It features countless Class I and II rapids, with a couple Class IIIs to spice things up. With excellent hikes to choose from, and opportunities to see unique archaeological sites and historic homesteads, there’s something for everyone. Kids love playing and swimming along the big, sandy beach camps, and active types enjoy the opportunity to use inflatable kayaks.

  • Minimum 16 guests, maximum 24
  • Group rate for 5-day $1,351, for 6-day $1,445
  • Available dates May 8th – August 28th
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

Maze Bike Trip

Maze Private Group

The Maze bike trip is the perfect choice for groups seeking a very remote adventure deep in the Canyonlands desert without sacrificing the joys of glamping. Along with our expert guides, experience adrenaline-filled bike riding, breathtaking views, and incredible campsites in one of the least accessible parts of the country. This is a four-day, advanced level trip with a minimum recommended age of 12.

  • Minimum 7 guests, maximum 7
  • Trip Rate for 4-day $1,245, for 5-day $1,365
  • Available dates April, May, and September
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

San Rafael Swell Bike Trip

San Rafael Swell Group

One of Utah’s hidden gems, the San Rafael Swell is over 2,000 square miles of public lands connected by dirt roads and trails, with slot canyons, mountains, buttes, mesas, and arches just waiting to be explored. Perhaps our most customizable trip, each day’s activities can be easily designed and catered to fit your group, mixing in hiking and riding of varying difficulties. 

  • Minimum 10 guests, maximum 12
  • Group rate for 4-day $950
  • Schedule upon request
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323

Upper San Juan River Trip

San Juan Group Charter

The San Juan River is a perfect option for groups looking for a calm water experience with plenty of hiking and scenery. With no rapids on this section, guests enjoy swimming and paddling inflatable kayaks alongside the rafts, awe-inspiring geologic formations, fun hiking along historical trails, and stops at incredible archaeological sites such as the River House, a multi-story Ancestral Puebloan structure. The San Juan is a family-friendly, beginner level trip with a minimum age of five.

  • Minimum 12 guests, maximum 16
  • Group rate for 3-day $920
  • Available dates May 4th – June 8th
  • Call for availability 1-800-624-6323