Multi-Sport Bike/Raft Combination Trips

Combined Biking and Rafting Trips

For some, one adventure per vacation just doesn’t cut it—so why settle for one? Our multi-sport White Rim Trail/Cataract Canyon and Moab/Westwater Canyon bike and raft combination trips are the perfect choice for people who love to work hard and play hard. Earn your relaxing rafting trip with a few days of pedaling along the roads and trails of the Colorado Plateau.

Spend two or three days with the high desert breeze whistling past your ears. Watch a world of red rock towers and canyons spread out beyond your handlebars on the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. Cruise through aspen forests in the La Sal Mountains, or over ancient sandstone on one of Moab’s famous single track trails. Feel your heart beat in time with your pedal strokes. This is what it means to be alive.

Once you’ve biked to your heart’s content, descend to the river, where our rafts wait to carry you downstream. Let the river do the work as you sit back and appreciate the well-deserved rest. Choose four more days and experience Cataract Canyon, or opt for two more days in Westwater Canyon, both remarkable displays of the power of wind, water, and time. Either way, the food and the views are always better when you know you’ve earned them. These bike routes are suitable for most riders from athletic beginners to most experienced. Which multi-sport bike and raft combo trip will you choose?

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7 Day White Rim – Cataract Canyon

Start with an energizing, 65-mile ride along the White Rim Trail, the classic bike trip through Canyonlands National Park. See the canyons of the Green and Colorado rivers from above as you pedal along the iconic, white sandstone bench that gives the trail its name. On day three, descend to the river bottom where our rafts wait. Relax and let the river carry you for the next four days through Cataract Canyon, home to Canyonland's best scenery and wildest rapids.

Moab, La Sal Mountains Bikers Karen and Kevin

4 Day Moab – Westwater Canyon

Beat the summer heat with a bike trip through the alpine oasis of Moab’s La Sal Mountains. Begin your trip at 8,000 feet of elevation in meadows and aspen trees. Ride the ups and downs of graded, dirt Forest Service roads and catch glimpses of the spires and canyons of the red rock desert below. Descend 4,000 feet to the Colorado River on day two and then enjoy two more days of pure relaxation as our guides row you through the ancient black walls and rapids of Westwater Canyon.