Affinity Based Trips

Join Holiday and The Venture out Project as we navigate our 4th year of LGBTQ+ trip offerings, or join Holiday for our 3rd year running a BIPOC river trip!  Regardless of where your identity lands, you are most welcome to go with the flow with us!

While queer, trans, Black, & many communities of color have had visibility in urban environments in recent history, it doesn’t mean they haven’t existed in rural and wild places forever. Though often erased, indigenous ancestral knowledge provides critical leadership toward holding the right relationship with the land. These affinity trip offerings are a chance to reclaim a long-standing and powerful connection to wild places. Find joy within the container of a specific identity group space. Holiday, partners, & facilitators share a belief that although there is no such thing as a truly “safe” space, we DO believe that with intention & persistence, we can attempt to create brave spaces to allow folks to let their guards down & connect to something only found in wildness.

Structural oppression has long impacted marginalized identities in a myriad of negative ways: Indigenous people erased from history books, Black folks subjugated by extractive capitalism, immigrants exoticized or defined as “other,” and queer & trans communities punished for undermining business as usual. This violence is seen in our societies’ disconnect with our relationship to wilderness & land. The culture of white supremacy, patriarchy, and heteronormativity may be the sea we often swim in; but in the great outdoors we have a unique opportunity to re-imagine, heal, and get in the “right relationship” with each other and the land.  That’s why we are cultivating these affinity based trips. 


If you have any questions regarding any of our affinity group trips don’t hesitate to call our administrative office & ask for Lauren!

Acknowledging the traditional inhabitants of this land: in a gesture of respect and appreciation for the Indigenous people who have lived on and cared for the rivers and canyons where we play, Holiday wishes to acknowledge that the areas we operate across are the traditional homeland of the Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) people and the Eastern Shoshone people. Read more about our land acknowledgements here.
TVOP LGBTQ Rafting Trip WW Camp Circle
Island Park raft barge with trans and pride flags

LGBTQ+ Lodore Canyon Substance Free Rafting

July 23-26, 2024 (4 days): Holiday and The Venture Out Project are back at it for our 4th season of partnership, and our 3rd year offering an intentionally substance free rafting excursion! The Gates of Lodore offers plenty of time for relaxation, adventure, tranquility, and thrill - all within a safer & vulnerable space of an intentionally queer and trans substance free affinity trip. Come join in the fun!

Westwater Canyon Eve Ramos

BIPOC Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip

August 13 -16, 2024 (3 days): This is our third year offering a Black, Indigenous & People of Color trip! We are excited to collaborate with a team of BIPOC friends and trip participants to co-create an intentional and brave space in the backcountry. Let the Holiday guides take all the work and worry out of your vacation so you can spend this long weekend connecting to the natural world, and yourself, in an entirely BIPOC community of fellow guests & facilitators. With fully catered delicious meals, comfortable rental equipment, & elegantly designed boats, this is the perfect way to experience just enough comfort to get out of your comfort zone and experience a deeper connection to your wilderness within.

Lodore Canyon Whitewater Guests LB

LGTBQ+ Lodore Canyon Rafting Trip

August 20-23, 2024 (4 days): Ah, Lodore Canyon - nestled in northwestern Colorado, the Green River breaks through The Gates of Lodore and gradually makes its way back into Utah. Along the way, you're treated to world class scenery - stunning red canyon walls peppered with trees hold your gaze above, while crystal clear green water carries you through this sliver of utopia. What better way to experience such a marvelous place than in the company of fellow LGTBQIA+ folks? Join Holiday and TVOP for 4 unforgettable days with new friends.