Youth Group Rafting Trips in UT & CO

 Youth River Trips in Utah and Colorado

At Holiday River Expeditions, we understand the value of youth group rafting trips. We believe that getting kids outdoors is critical for their development—and it’s fun, too! Youth adventure expeditions, scouting trips, and church group trips are an important part of our operation. Kids will experience the excitement of riding through rapids or even paddling their own way in an inflatable kayak. Hikes within the river canyons lead to fascinating archaeological sites and historic buildings. Holiday’s guides are expert interpreters, and love sharing the stories of these places and the people who once lived in them. For example, kids can visit rock art panels in Desolation Canyon and along the San Juan River. The river is also a quiet, patient, and persistent teacher; the camaraderie that builds around the campfire can create friendships that last a lifetime.

Our professional guides understand the nature of the journey. Most importantly, they haven’t forgotten how to play! Plan your youth group’s next outdoor adventure with Holiday River Expeditions. Choose from one of our youth group rafting trips in Utah or Colorado. Camp out for two or three days (or more!) or plan a fun one-day outing. Join us for an experience that will help build the confidence, creativity, and perspective that children need to tackle the world when they return home.

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Youth Rafting playing horseshoes at camp
Kids Kayaking on the Green River Rafting Daily Trip

Green River Daily

Our one-day Green River trip runs through Gray Canyon, which is the last day of our 5-day Desolation Canyon trip. Float for eight scenic miles through fun Class I and II rapids. A mini wilderness experience, this pristine section of the Green features petroglyphs and wildlife sightings such as bighorn sheep, birds of prey, and migratory birds. This trip is perfect for floating, kayaking, paddling, and water play. Children of (almost) all ages welcome!

Colorado River Rafting Daily Youth Trip

Colorado River Daily

The Colorado River Daily is a 14-mile whitewater sampler trip through some of the best scenery on the Colorado River. Just outside of Moab, Utah, this trip is a popular choice for scout groups, church youth groups, and even adult groups that want to get their feet wet river rafting. Spend a day playing on the river, including a lunch stop within sight of the 12,000-foot La Sal Mountains and the Fisher Towers formation. (For a longer experience on this stretch, see the 2–3 day Fisher Towers trip on this page.)

Family white water rafting fun

5–6 Day Desolation Canyon

Desolation Canyon is the perfect location for youth groups, where kids of all ages will enjoy the beauty of colorful canyon walls and natural rock sculptures created by Mother Nature. Swimming and hiking opportunities abound. Many of the rapids on the Green River through Desolation Canyon are perfectly suited for young hands to get a feel for the paddle in an inflatable kayak. With over 80 river miles to travel, everyone will have plenty of time to get into their own unique rhythm with the river.

San Juan River Rafting Trips in Utah Kids skipping rocks

3–5 Day San Juan River

The San Juan River offers panoramic vistas and fast-moving whitewater rapids. This is a great 3, 4 or 5 day rafting trip for your youth group. With numerous warm water rapids and polished limestone swimming pools, the San Juan River delivers an unforgettable experience. This rafting trip takes us through unique Pueblo indigenous dwellings where we will view ruins and petroglyphs left by previous civilizations. From the diverse animal and plant life to the extraordinary geological features, the San Juan River is always a favorite whitewater vacation for youth.

Colorado River Fisher Towers Duckies ready to launch

2–3 Day Fisher Towers

The Fisher Towers section of the Colorado River is characterized by towering, red sandstone monoliths set against the dark, green La Sal Mountains. With such classic red rock desert beauty, this trip offers a spectacular setting for river runners. It has also been the backdrop for many Hollywood movie productions! Fun Class I to II rapids make it the perfect section of river for youth groups to play in paddle boats and inflatable kayaks. Minutes outside of Moab, Utah!