Green River Rafting Trips

Whitewater Rafting on Utah’s Green River

Green River rafting trips through the canyons of eastern Utah are trips that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Although the Green may not be as famous as its sister, the Colorado, it too has carved impossibly deep canyons through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the West. Together, these rivers make up a vital water network that brings life to the parched lands of the Colorado Plateau. Above all, they create some serious fun!

Holiday’s Green River rafting trips give you the opportunity to ride along with the river in Lodore Canyon as it slices its way through a mountain range in Dinosaur National Monument, or to float through Desolation Canyon, where it traverses the Tavaputs Plateau, one of the largest roadless areas in the Lower 48. Explore these canyons’ rich human history, including enigmatic rock art more than a thousand years old. Visit with the ghosts of the outlaws, miners, and dam builders who passed through in the latter half of the 20th century. An even older and more profound story is found in the rainbow layers of rocks and dusty escarpments; these canyons are a geologist’s dream. In addition, big horn sheep are frequent visitors to the riverside campsites.

These uninterrupted sections of the Green River offer a perfect entry point to the wilderness. Both boast consistent rapids; Desolation’s whitewater is fun and forgiving, whereas Lodore’s rapids present an enthralling challenge. Whichever Green River rafting trip you choose, the unique power and beauty of these canyons will leave you craving more.

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Lodore Canyon Game Horseshoes camp

4 Day Lodore Canyon

Rafting the Green River through Lodore Canyon is a trip filled with exciting whitewater, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes. Hike to waterfalls and caves and sleep beneath soaring canyon walls. Rich in human and natural history, Lodore will leave you with a new story around every bend. This Green River rafting trip in Colorado and Utah is one to remember!

Desolation Canyon Petroglyph Panel

5–6 Day Desolation Canyon

Desolation Canyon claims the Green River for over 80 river miles, conducting the river through one of the most remote regions of Utah, through a landscape of soaring walls and sandy beaches. Cottonwood trees line the banks, and big horn sheep frequently visit our riverside camps. With a good blend of flat water and mellow rapids, Desolation Canyon offers a great opportunity to use inflatable kayaks. Hike to archaeological sites and visit old homesteads. Five days is only the beginning!

Desolation Canyon Kayakers Kayak Workshop

6 Day Whitewater Kayaking Workshop

Aug 5-10, 2024 (6 days in Desolation Canyon): Get to know the channels of the Green River from a new perspective. This immersive kayaking and rafting trip is a great active vacation for those who want to get hands-on with the river experience. Learn to paddle, roll, and run rapids while Holiday’s guides take care of all the logistics. First-timers are welcome, but we suggest taking a class in a pool before your trip to give you a head start.

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

5 Day Labyrinth Canyon Hiker Special

Sep 16-20, 2024 (5 days): The tranquil waters of Labyrinth Canyon are as serene as you can get. River lore and stunning scenery are plentiful, making this trip a hiker's paradise. Trade in the tech-heavy world for days floating downstream, marveling at the stunning Navajo and Wingate sandstone canyon walls, and exploring the rich riparian zone through several side canyons. Pack your hiking shoes, because each day on this trip will take you to a new and exciting site!

Labyrinth Yoga Stand Up Paddleboarder

5 Day Stand-Up Paddle Boarding & Yoga in Labyrinth Canyon

Sep 23-27, 2024 (5 days): This fall, find nirvana and adventure in Labyrinth Canyon. Yogi extraordinaire, Jennifer Gilmore, will be leading daily yoga practices, and river days will be filled with stand-up paddling, gourmet meals, and hikes to well-preserved cultural sites, breathtaking viewpoints, and maze-like canyons. Autumn temperatures and long, sandy beaches provide a perfect environment for an adventure like this.