by Andy Walker on Holiday River Expeditions

Our 4-day ride was absolutely perfect! From the help and support we got Karen Johnson to bring this trip together, to the easily digested registration and trip check-lists, to the night-before set-up and briefing, it was all refreshingly easy and fun! We met our guides: Jack and Ben when we first pulled up to the warehouse at 7 p.m. the night before starting. We immediately wanted to adopt them as sons or brothers and it just got better from there. These guys know every inch of the trail and all the cool things you’d miss if they weren’t guiding. They made the Holeman Slot an adventure that, without their expertise, would have been too difficult to forge. With them, it was just another good “hill” with stunning slot architecture all the way to its end. This side-hike you DO NOT wanna miss! We hit weather, well, it hit us, on night 2 climbing Murphy’s. It was cold and rainy and windy and because of the group attitude and “can do” spirit they helped to embed (our private group of 9 already had A LOT), it was just fun instead of what could have so easily have been dread. Camp was set in half an hour and 30 minutes later we watched the sun set as the sky went totally blue and the wind took the rest of the night (and next 2 days) off. The meals were unbelievable. These guys can cook and if you’re a big eater, you won’t be disappointed. There’s so much food and every bite is exquisite as is morning coffee! It would be impossible to overstate the magnificence of this adventure and Holiday River Expeditions makes it even better with a 50-ish year tradition of making guest adventures in Canyonlands extraordinary. Five full stars on everything. Can’t wait to go again!

 by Robert and Susan Carrera on Holiday River Expeditions

Everything was fantastic! Susan and Rachel were exceptional guides, chefs, and hosts. I would recommend a mountain bike trip to anyone wanting to discover a new area.

 by Greg Netlund on Holiday River Expeditions

I booked direct with Holiday...very smooth and organized! Used a rental bike - Specialized SJ in great condition! As always the guides (Jack, Ellie, and Rachel) were great! Attentive and Professional while also fun to be with! This was my 4th trip with Holiday and I did the 4 day Maze Bike trip in early October - 120 miles in 4 days with a wide variety of terrain including a couple of great climbs and downhills! The weather was perfect so I was able to sleep under the stars and Holiday delivered again on the food and the whole experience. Five Stars!

 by Timothy Lanz on Holiday River Expeditions

Great trip. Very isolated. Few vehicles, zero motorcycles, and no other bicyclists. Loved the stargazing and great night sky.

 by Alexa Anderson on Holiday River Expeditions

Our Gates of Lodore river trip was terrific; the guides were fun, capable, smart, and knowledgeable on the surrounding geology, and flora and fauna, etc. The food was healthy, excellent, and plentiful, and the scenery was awesome too. Great trip!!

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