by Kiera M. 8 Day WFR Student on Holiday River Expeditions

I don’t like giving all fives on these but I have zero complaints. The class was incredibly well run and you made it so fun to learn and are such an interesting person and great to spend 8 days with.

I wasn't sure quite what to expect on this trip and just about every parameter of the experience BLEW. ME. AWAY. Heading into Canyonlands National Park from the Hans Flat Ranger Station, I had no idea how "out there" we would be. In the course of our 5-day trip we only saw about 4 other people.

The guides took fantastic care of everyone and worked so hard to keep us content and well fed. It's hard to put into words what the scenery of this trip encompassed. I've spent nearly 4 decades camping and traveling around Utah. Being out there at the Maze Overlook campground was easily one of the most spectacular and memorable campsites of my life.

The mountain biking was great and very manageable for an experienced rider. I so enjoyed the side trips to hike and the experience of seeing a few rock art panels was so special.

I will never forget this trip or the amazing people I met. I went on the trip solo and had no trouble clicking with the other guests and the two wonderful guides. Holiday does such a nice job creating community and hiring top notch guides.

This was the trip of a lifetime, I cannot recommend it enough.

This is my second trip with Holiday, and I'm continually impressed by the professionalism, class, and friendliness of the guides. The other guests in our crew were also really fun and enjoyable to be around. The meals are also top notch and there was not one thing that wasn't delicious. It's impressive to watch the crew work, they are so efficient and always make stellar meals.

We ran Westwater at record levels and it was so special and fun. The scenery was phenomenal and we loved every single campsite. I cannot recommend Holiday enough. If you have never run a river trip, it's fantastic to see this crew at work and learn the tricks of a fun and smooth trip.

 by Perry Cohen on Holiday River Expeditions

I love Holiday! The locations, food, people, experience is all top notch. I will be back again and again!

 by Vicki Farley on Holiday River Expeditions

Trip leader was very accommodating in letting me use an extra bag so I could manage the weight of equipment better.
All of the guides went above and beyond to help with anything asked. The hikes were spectacular. The food was great too.
The 12 day trip was a perfect mental reset. Well done, Holiday team!

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