by Melissa Sale on Holiday River Expeditions

This was seriously one of THE best vacations I have ever taken! We did the stand up paddle board (SUP), yoga, stargazing trip and this trip had it all. It was great starting and ending each day with a yoga practice and although I had never done SUP before -- the guides and other guests were so encouraging - it was incredible. Although this was my first river trip, it will not be my last! We were planning our next one before this was even over. It is beautiful country, relaxing, gourmet food, first class service throughout, I can't say enough about this trip.

by Mike Foley on Holiday River Expeditions

I don't mean epic the way it is used in popular culture today, to mean cool, rad or any other diluted superlative that I may have missed. I mean it was a near heroic journey through awe worthy landscape accompanied by amazing and interesting people. Sam and Jack were pro-level riders, damn good cooks and good all-around guys. The other riders were great company and I really enjoyed spending 4 days with them. I wouldn't recommend this trip to those who are not in excellent condition and are near expert riders. There are a couple long, sketchy downhills that come at you pretty quickly. Oh, and I need Sam to give me the recipe for the pork medallions.

by The Folks at Holiday on Holiday River Expeditions

This is a new trip for us! We are sure it's going to be five stars! Join us and be the first to review.

by Rachel Beck on Holiday River Expeditions

Reserving this trip was quick and easy! I have now been on 3 trips with Holiday River Expeditions and they keep getting better every time! The guides were very knowledgeable and did an excellent job teaching us the natural history which made the trip even more enjoyable! Thank you Holiday!

by Ralph Hendricks on Holiday River Expeditions

We had a few problems with the tent. We had a tent pole failure, which the guides remedied immediately. Also, the zipper on the tent failed (separated in several spots). Due to the slow/low flow of the river, there wasn't much time for hiking. I understand that two additional days are being added for future trips to address the low flow. I would like to give a special thanks to our guides and trip leader. Thank you, Susan! She is very knowledgeable, about geology, history, and surprisingly the stars.

You can't take a Holiday trip and not mention the food. Such great recipes. One had to try everything. The guides also were able to handle tourists with specific eating restrictions.

One unexpected, but appreciated, was the addition of night 'pee' buckets. I am certain they will lead to cleaner campsites. It is hard to make it down to the river in the dark in the middle of the night. I hope they are offered on all Holiday trips.

Again, I want to express my thanks to the guides. As beautiful as the river was it wouldn't have been as special without them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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