by Tim Earley on Holiday River Expeditions

This was my first rafting trip. It was a big step to dive in head first for a 4 day trip. I didn't really know what to expect. My friend and I had been talking about it for nearly 15 years. Everything went phenomenally well. The guides handled everyting along the way, navigation, education, setting up for 3 well chosen meals each day. They became real friends.

The Gates of Lodore was a spectacular trip. Words really can't describe how incredible it was. We traversed through calm waters and rapids. Towards the end, I jumped in a "duckie" for the time of my life navigating through 8 miles of rapids heavier than we encountered through the whole trip to end at Split Mountain. It's a story to tell for a lifetime. I've shared it with my adventurer daughters. They are excited about it now too. I can't thank the guides enough for their exceptional warmth, knowledge and hospitality.

 by Adam Frenza on Holiday River Expeditions

This trip was amazing! We loved Westwater and the guides really went above and beyond to make it an incredible trip. Holiday is the best!!!

 by Andrea Haag on Holiday River Expeditions

Josh, Brayden, and Alex were amazing - so fun and good at their jobs. They made the trip even more fun.

The trip was so much fun from beginning to end. The river guides took such good care of us, that we didn’t have to worry about anything other than having fun.

 by Joe Bird on Holiday River Expeditions

We were treated so well and pampered the whole time. This was a first-class river adventure!

 by Sheila Sparks on Holiday River Expeditions

The Gates of Lodore 3-night 4-day trip was beyond our expectations. I knew it might be pretty from the pics I Googled, however, we were in this beautiful canyon the entire 4 days! There were 5 of us in our adult family along with 6 other adults on this trip. We all had so much fun, such that people at work commented on how happy I came back. We had Jacqueline, Michelle, Abbey, and Benny as our river guides! They were fantastic! We felt safe in the rapids they navigated, their cooking and the meals were WAY better than what I do when camping. They were helpful, informative with their knowledge, and fun to hang with. Matt our driver for put-in and take-out was quite entertaining and knowledgeable on the 3-hour drive to the put-in. Thanks Matt! We booked the trip because of Shar's customer service when inquiring, we will book again because of the guides and fantastic experience. Thank you so much, guys!

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