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by Bill Rawsky on Holiday River Expeditions

We were with Bonnie Carol's Moons & Tunes on June 8-12 Don't know how you could have done anything better - great trip! This was our first raft trip, so we didn't know what to expect. We were absolutely thrilled with all aspects of the trip. Our guides were knowledgeable, professional and fun, as well as being awesome cooks! It was a great experience. Thanks, Holiday!

by Pam Graham on Holiday River Expeditions

Bonnie Carol does a great job of organizing trips Guides were excellent. Susan did an excellent job leading the trip. Everyone was wonderful dealing with my 8 yr old granddaughter. She loved them. I appreciated all the women on the team for the 3 girls

by Max Krimmel on Holiday River Expeditions

I can’t promise you’ll rise before sun up just to see the first light on the canyon walls. I can’t promise you’ll hike further up a side canyon than even your guides have ever been, then slide through a rapid like cream cheese on a bagel. I can’t promise a storm so thick you can’t see the other boats, with hail so hard it hurts and enough water to bring cascades free falling hundreds of feet from the canyon rim to the canyon floor, then fill a wash, that hasn’t felt water in years, to bank full. I can’t promise the sun will break through or a rainbow downstream. I can’t promise you Ravens, Hawks, Herons, Eagles, Avocets, Otters, Beaver, Bobcats, Big Horn, Bears, and Mountain Lions or even their tracks. I can’t promise a camp of camaraderie, laughter and praise for a day well spent. I can’t promise you’ll fall asleep to a chorus of frogs and cicadas under a sky so dark you can see Andromeda, only to awake in a few hours to see the moonlight creep down the sides of the canyon just as the sunlight did so long, long ago.

No, I can’t promise you’ll experience any of this. But I can promise if you don’t go, you won’t experience it. So the main thing is -

You’ve got to go.

Max Krimmel - Moons and Tunes

by Judy Gunkler on Holiday River Expeditions

Excellent guides! Delicious meals! The food was amazing. Hard to imagine what they could accomplish outdoors with no modern conveniences.

The guides were fabulous and special in many ways like Mac helping me down the rocks, Pete playing his recorder which echoed on the canyon rocks, and all the little ways they did special things for us. Susan was a great leader and everyone worked well together.

The trip definitely exceeded my expectations!

by Mike Casey on Holiday River Expeditions

Lauren Wood, second time I booked through her she is great to work with! The longest Holiday bike leg ever (32ish miles with both Hard Scrabble and Murphy's Hogback climbs included) was difficult on some of our group who expected 20ish mile days. A lot of the group question why it happened (doing the White Rim in reverse to accommodate the jet boat clients??). The long day resulted in some members of our party openly complaining about the trip (unjustly in my opinion). Rocky did a very very good job of handling the issue so that the concerned individuals 'calmed down'. To do so Rocky had to show/do some serious PR skills; he deserves a lot of credit for how he handled it!

Eriks's nighttime bocce ball set was great fun!

by Teresa Aramaki on Holiday River Expeditions

Karen was always very helpful and willing to answer any questions asked. Very patient, as we each took time to complete the required paperwork. Was very nice to have clean sleeping bags! Guides (Dustin, Sam, Chris and Nick) were knowledgeable, very skillful, helpful, patient and great with all types of people and requests. We were all very impressed with their ability to engage well with all guests, while navigating all aspects of our bike ride and river trip to ensure we all had fun and felt safe. Dustin is an excellent leader, who is professional, talented, articulate, aware, and we appreciated his hospitality. And all are great cooks. Thanks for a very enjoyable time!

by Rob Patterson on Holiday River Expeditions

Group of friends and individual arrangements. Dave and Josh were top shape and experienced. Dave pretty much took point on many issues and balanced the over ambitious types with the under performers to insure all had a good time. Nice techniques to never say no while re-directing those who had ideas that weren't in line with the company policy or good practice. Josh is a great guy and also did a very nice job serving pretty much every need. Great effort by both.

by Mike Linkletter on Holiday River Expeditions

Dave and Josh are outstanding in everything that they do. They are knowledgeable, skilled, friendly and a great face for your company. Off the charts A-1, first class fun experience. Would repeat in a heartbeat.

by Mike Buhagiar on Holiday River Expeditions

I had problems submitting the forms. I completed the forms and submitted them a couple of times however the company contacted me and advised that they never received them. We got there in the end.

I had the best time ever. It was both challenging and relaxing. The guides were very professional, courteous and friendly.

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