by Allan & Holly Larsen Chen on Holiday River Expeditions

All of the trips I've taken with Holiday River have been great, and this trip was no exception. This was a music trip, and I enjoyed the nightly riverside concerts by our own on-river, in-house band, as well as a few daytime serenades. I really enjoyed talking music and radio with you, Spencer, Nick, Landon. And thanks for getting the Led out.

Holiday River guides are always great. Thanks, Cloud, for your excellent leadership and management of our journey, Spencer, for the music and your expert oar handling, Kyle, for your insights on what we were seeing, Josh, for your entertaining stories (especially that beer story), and Lucy, for your skillful rowing, river knowledge, poise, and general unflappability in the face of no matter what happened. And thanks, all guides, for the great food. If I have five people at brunch anytime soon, I'll show them how to make five omelets at the same time.

 by Chris Kiley on Holiday River Expeditions

My sleeping pad failed and the guides let me use a pad from the raft - a total lifesaver!

The guides were all informed, safety-minded, and very fun. Excellent levels of professionalism all around.

Top notch beginning to end, can't wait to sign up for a trip with my family!

 by John Lilley on Holiday River Expeditions

Drake was an awesome oarsman, with low drama, and calm under pressure. The food was surprisingly good. Great job overall.

 by Hannah Martin on Holiday River Expeditions

I've never been disappointed in Holiday's guides. They are fun loving, organized, and fascinating folks.

10/10 experience. I love asking questions and learning interpretation and the guides were more than happy to oblige! I learned so much about the river and what guides do daily to make guests have the best time

 by Carolyn Roy on Holiday River Expeditions

Guides were the best! Brin, Susan, and Nick. Would get on the river tomorrow with any of them. What Nick can do with food with such limited resources is unbelievable.

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