Utah River Rafting Trips

Whitewater Rafting Trips in Utah

Utah is the place for world-renowned river rafting trips. Accessible to people of all ages and experience levels, Utah’s rivers travel through an astonishing array of canyons. The Green, Yampa, and San Juan rivers run long and fast across Utah before flowing into the Colorado River; these four rivers and their canyons present Utah’s best whitewater rafting opportunities. With so many rivers and canyons to choose from, finding the perfect trip for you and your friends and family is easy!

Enjoy the peace and quiet of Holiday’s non-motorized oar rafts on each of our Utah whitewater rafting trips. Float the Green River through Lodore Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument and see faulted rocks twisted into rainbow arcs. Run the Yampa River – the last truly free-flowing river within the Colorado River system and experience dynamic rapids like Warm Springs. Skip a hundred miles downstream to where the Green enters Desolation Canyon, the best trip for inflatable kayaks and big, shady beach camps. Over on the Colorado River, two-three day trips through Westwater Canyon make the perfect weekend getaway. And then there’s Cataract Canyon, the watery centerpiece of Canyonlands National Park, and the place where the Green meets the Colorado – boasting some of the largest rapids in the Colorado Plateau’s river network.

Each of these Utah whitewater river rafting trips presents its own unique moments of inspiration and adventure. Although people come to our state for the notorious whitewater rafting excitement, they come back for the whole experience. From the first riverside meal to the last glowing side canyon, Holiday aims to please, and the incredible landscape of the Colorado Plateau never disappoints. Some of the best parts of the Colorado River aren’t even in Colorado, but as we like to say, when it comes to rafting in Utah, “you have to go to know.”

Rafting in Cataract Canyon
Desolation Canyon Conga Line

5–6 Day Desolation Canyon

As one of the largest roadless areas in the contiguous US, Desolation Canyon is aptly named. Go where no road can take you as you float the Green River through this classic Eastern Utah canyon. This is one of our most popular rafting trips for families, and is a great introduction to whitewater rafting with consistent but mostly gentle rapids, and a handful of bigger ones just for fun. There are endless side canyons to explore on foot, and rich historic and prehistoric sites to visit. Take five or six days to feel the joy of reconnecting with the flow of nature.

Overlook in Cataract Canyon Colorado River

5–6 Day Cataract Canyon

Legendary Cataract Canyon lies buried in the heart of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. Experience both sides of the Colorado River: float the calm water of the upper canyon and relax into “river time”; on day three or four, hold on tight for the adrenaline rush of some of the biggest rapids in the West. In low water or high, our motor-less rafts make it possible to visit remote corners of the national park while still preserving the sounds and smells of the river corridor. Hike to ancient archaeological sites and sleep under the stars in this International Dark Sky Park. This is Holiday’s signature Utah whitewater rafting adventure. Come ride with us!

Westwater Beach Bocce Ball

2–3 Day Westwater

Westwater Canyon is the best Utah whitewater rafting trip for folks who are short on time but still want a taste of a wild river and canyon. Chose from two- or three-day trips and see bald eagles, red rock canyon walls, and the famous black rocks that give Westwater the nickname “The Miniature Grand Canyon!" In just a couple days, get the best of both worlds: relaxing flat water followed by big, punchy rapids. This truly is the best bang for your buck!

Lodore Canyon Whitewater Guests Erika

4 Day Lodore Canyon

Lodore Canyon on the Green River in northeastern Utah is a trip full of iconic rapids and beautiful scenery. The trip begins at the “Gates of Lodore,” where the river flows into an exquisite, 800-foot-deep, vermillion canyon. Hiking opportunities to waterfalls and ancient rock art sites abound, and there is ample time for relaxing on the shaded, sandy beach camps. This trip begins in Colorado and crosses into Utah, running through the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. This is one trip you have to see to believe it's real!

Yampa River Whitewater Rapids LB

4–5 Day Yampa River

The free-flowing Yampa River in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument is one of the West’s better kept secrets. The last un-dammed river in the Colorado River system, the Yampa runs wild through northwestern Colorado merging with the Green River in northeastern Utah. Each spring, snowmelt trickles down from the mountains and the Yampa transitions from a slow flowing river to an exciting and wild ride. For an early season river rafting trip, there isn’t anywhere better!

San Juan River Water Fight Boats

3–5 Day San Juan River

Southeastern Utah’s San Juan River snakes through steep sandstone and limestone canyon walls, cutting through dramatic uplifts and fault lines. Human history is a highlight of this trip. From Native American ruins and rock art dating back thousands of years to more recent artifacts from the days of miners and oil prospectors, you'll see it all on the San Juan. Hike to the rim along an old mining supply trail, or wander the ancient ruins of River House. Spend three days in the upper canyon for maximum archaeology, choose a four-day trip through the steep goosenecks of the lower canyon—or opt for a five day trip to see it all!