Specialty River Rafting Trips in UT & CO

Pick from a variety of specialty river rafting trips to elevate your rafting experience to the next level! Learn something new about the world or yourself while having the vacation of a lifetime. Are you active, creative, meditative, adventurous, or just plain curious? Holiday River Expeditions has a specialty trip for everyone. Each trip features a special guest facilitator, experts in their fields and fascinating humans in their own right.

For example, you could experience the pristine dark skies of Utah and Colorado on our dark sky stargazing trips, one for every month of the summer. Or, learn to roll a kayak and paddle your own way through rapids in our whitewater kayaking workshop. Meet your muse and work with renowned artist Suze Woolf on the San Juan River during our women’s watercolor workshop. If hiking’s your thing, sign up for our fall extended hiking trip through Labyrinth and Cataract canyons.

Our Balance and Flow Wellness series incorporates trips dedicated to yoga and stand-up paddle boards. River historian Roy Webb provides historic interpretation on our retro Yampa trip. Learn from three distinguished naturalists on specialty rafting trips on the San Juan River, in Cataract Canyon, and through Lodore Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument. Or, talk to one of our trip consultants about organizing a custom charter trip for your own private group of friends or family.

Women’s Watercolor Workshop on the San Juan River

2022 info coming soon!: Join artist Suze Woolf on an artistic journey through the spectacular landscape of the Four Corners region. Learn how to interpret the intricate and dynamic river scenery in watercolor. Holiday's guides provide gourmet meals and natural interpretation; the San Juan River provides the inspiration! BONUS: Holiday will donate a portion of the trip proceeds to the Great Old Broads in order to support their efforts to advocate for the wilderness of the West.

Yampa River History Trip with Andrew Gulliford

May 18-21 2022: The only thing better than floating the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument is floating the Yampa River with an expert historian and naturalist to guide your eyes. Experience the deep, red heart of Dinosaur National Monument with Dr. Andrew Gulliford, professor of history and environmental studies at Fort Lewis College. Turn off the Google device and tune in to the world of the river with a master naturalist at your side. Come experience the Yampa's rapids, beaches, side canyons, and history, and watch the canyon come to life around you.

Members of the Del Sol Quartet on the Yampa

May 21-25, 2022: Float the wild Yampa River with members of the Bay Area’s pre-eminent string ensemble, the Del Sol Quartet. The harmonies of violin and cello are a sublime complement to nature’s own ongoing concerto of rocks, water, and canyon. Sunrise concerts and evening rehearsals with professional musicians provide a unique addition to the potent magic of the wild Yampa River.

Retro River Rafting on the Yampa with Roy Webb

June 3–7, 2022 (5 days): Relive the golden years of rafting on the Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument. Sierra cups, Chuck Taylors, cut-off jean shorts: all quirky items reminiscent of the years when Holiday River Expedition’s founder Dee Holladay started his business. We’ve changed some things for the better but we figured some of those vintage touches would be fun to bring back for one trip only in 2021. Take a journey back through time with us on the glorious Yampa River and find a taste of what boating was like back in the 70s. To top it all off, Roy Webb—the authority on river history—will be joining us to bring the past back to life. TRIP IS FULL - You can add your name to the waitlist!

Whitewater Kayaking Workshop in Desolation Canyon

August 1–6, 2022 (6 days): Experience the Green River through Desolation Canyon from river level! Holiday is proud to partner with Rapid Progression Kayak School to offer this six-day specialty rafting and kayaking trip. This trip is the perfect fit for those who have some serious energy, a sense of thrill, and the desire to add a new adventure skill set to their quiver. Beginners welcome, although attending a kayak swimming pool class ahead of time is recommended to help you get the most out of your time on the river.

Watershed Specialty Trip with Rica Fulton and Colleen Cooley

August 8-13th 2022: Never before has water been so precious and valued in the West. With over 40 million people relying on the Colorado River system and increasing aridification we are all at a crossroads. Water is life so lets come together, enjoy an amazing river canyon & learn from some of the brightest young thinkers in the world of water on this Watershed Specialty trip!

Desolation Canyon River History with Andrew Gulliford

August 22-27 2022: Dr. Andrew Gulliford joins Holiday again for another round of fascinating dives into the unique river history of the Green River through Desolation Canyon. Peak into Major Powell's journal, learn what ancient indigenous tribes left to be learned from & enjoy dark sky interpretation on this combination Stargazing & History trip!

Labyrinth & Cataract Canyon 12-Day Stargazing Trip

September 19-30, 2022 (12 days): Join us for an extra-special extended Canyonlands trip that combines the quiet grandeur of Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River with the wild, crumbling majesty of Cataract Canyon on the Colorado. Twelve days allows for unparalleled exploration and an incomparable feeling of getting away from it all. Float through towering red mesas, hike to prehistoric structures and up intricate side canyons, visit the Doll House, and then run the legendary rapids of Cataract Canyon. This season, we are excited to offer this unique trip with the added perk of a stargazing focus, complete with our very own astronomy expert from the Clark Planetarium.

LGBTQ Colorado River Rafting Trip

2022 info coming soon!: Hop aboard our LGBTQ river trip through Cataract Canyon. This classic canyon will serve as the perfect backdrop for an LGBTQ specialty adventure. The great outdoors have never been quite this fabulous!

LGBTQ Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip

2022 info coming soon!, Holiday and our partners are running a second and shorter LGBTQ trip. If you're queer and /or trans identified and want to enjoy the liberating feeling of being in an inclusive community space while enjoying some thrilling whitewater this is the trip for you! This second offering is perfect if you are short on time; take a long weekend and join us!

Raft w/Ben Weiss & Friends

2022 info coming soon!: Live in Lodore Canyon—it's Ben Weiss & Friends! Join the musical ensemble for four days of floating jam sessions and exclusive riverside performances in one of the Green River's prettiest canyons. The dark maroon–colored walls of Lodore will hum with the energetic rhythms of a great Salt Lake City based ensemble. Even the big horn sheep will be tapping their hooves to the beat. In addition to the guitar, mandolin, upright bass, ukulele, and fiddle and their talented players, the trip will feature all the old favorites of a Lodore trip: fun rapids, beautiful hikes, and relaxing days on white sandy beaches.