Colorado River Rafting Trips

Whitewater Rafting on the Colorado River

The most famous river in the West: the mighty Colorado. The ultimate whitewater experience for any outdoor enthusiast, Colorado River rafting trips have it all. Holiday is proud to offer trips on the Colorado for everyone from first-time river rafters to insatiable adrenaline junkies. Whether you opt for a mellow float or a whitewater rollercoaster, the Colorado River and its canyons also invite you to enjoy majestic vistas, wildlife, archaeological sites, mind-bending geology, and the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world. In addition, Colorado River rafting trips carry you through some of the most pristine dark sky in the United States. Out here, the Milky Way is more vibrant than you imagined possible.

Born in an alpine meadow high in Rocky Mountain National Park, the Colorado River cascades down through the mountains and canyons of the western Rockies, gathering strength and tributaries along the way. Our rafting trips on the Colorado begin just east of the Utah-Colorado border, and flow south with the river all the way through Grand Canyon. Hop aboard a three-day trip through Ruby-Horsethief and Westwater canyons. Try an easy excursion past the Fisher Towers, just outside the town of Moab, Utah. Follow the Colorado into Canyonlands National Park and Cataract Canyon. And when you’ve done all those, discover the famed Grand Canyon, the biggest canyon of them all. From top to bottom, there’s a Colorado River rafting trip for everyone.


Ruby Westwater Boats with Landscape

2–3 Day Westwater Canyon

Starting Price: $640
Minimum Age: 8
Meeting Location: Green River, UT

Colorado River rafting trips don’t get much better than this! Short but sweet, our Westwater Canyon whitewater rafting trip is a perfect introduction to multi-day rafting. The Colorado River drops over Class II–IV rapids, cutting through the same ancient black rock found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Designated Flat Water Cataract

5–6 Day Cataract Canyon

Starting Price: $1,485
Minimum Age: 8 (16 in May & June)
Meeting Location: Green River, UT

The Colorado River’s most notorious whitewater ride lies deep within Canyonlands National Park. Cataract Canyon has it all: mesmerizing stretches of calm water, towering canyon walls, epic rapids, ancient ruins and rock art, brilliant dark skies free of light pollution, and fascinating side canyons. Holiday’s oar-powered, motor-less rafts provide both a relaxing and a thrilling ride into corners of the national park that are only accessible via the river.

Westwater Canyon Sunset Camp

3 Day Ruby Horsethief Intro to Rafting

Starting Price: $675
Minimum Age: 5
Meeting Location: Green River, UT

If you're new to camping, river life, or both, this trip is for you! Known for its amazing scenery, calm water, and fun side hikes, Ruby Horsethief is the perfect trip to try out overnight rafting. Our guides handle all the logistics, ensuring you are safe and comfortable so you can just relax and have fun. Lounge on a raft, paddle an inflatable kayak, or float on a stand up paddle board all day. Eat like royalty for three days, and sleep under the Milky Way for two nights. You'll leave this trip feeling rejuvenated and excited to get back on the river!

Grand Canyon Hiking

5–9 Day Grand Canyon

Starting Price: Inquire
Minimum Age: 16
Meeting Location: Marble Canyon Lodge, Arizona

The very name “Grand Canyon” brings to mind unparalleled beauty and world-famous whitewater. This granddaddy of whitewater rafting in Arizona boasts 150 rapids, including Lava Falls and Crystal Rapid: awesome to behold, and exhilarating to run. More than rapids, however, Grand Canyon has an incredible variety of hikes, geology, and history to explore. Sparkling clear springs gush from cracks in the cliffs, forming lush oases of ferns, pools, and wildflowers. Each of the Earth’s climatic zones is represented in Grand Canyon, from alpine forests on the rim to the Sonoran desert ecosystem in the lower elevations. Opt for a non-motorized Grand Canyon trip and see the Colorado River’s most famous canyon at its own pace.

Westwater Kayak Duckys Dad Daughter

2 Day Fisher Towers Youth Trips

Starting Price: Inquire
Minimum Age: 5
Meeting Location: Dewey Bridge Campground, Utah

Just minutes outside of Moab, Utah, our Fisher Towers trip features some of the best scenery in eastern Utah. The maroon towers are a classic red rock feature, sitting in stark contrast to the sometimes-snowy, 12,000-foot peaks of the La Sal Mountains. Our two day trips provide a gentle introduction to whitewater rafting, including plenty of calm, flat water, and several fun but mellow rapids. Great for inflatable kayaking and youth groups.

With nearly six decades of experience running expeditions, you can trust that you are in good hands with Holiday. We take pride in using care, efficiency, and knowledge to facilitate an unforgettable trip for all of our guests.

The Colorado River is a symbol of the West, but it’s also much more than that. It’s the lifeblood of the desert, the drinking water for millions of people, and a powerful force capable of providing transformative experiences for individuals. Come on a trip with Holiday and learn all about the magic in this special river.

As the only company that abstains from the use of motors on this river and instead choose to row our boats, there is no where else you are guaranteed a pure, natural, noise-less float trip than with Holiday.

Still have questions? Our office team is ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have! Give us a call today and let’s get you on a Colorado River rafting trip!

Featured Review:

“We had the most amazing river trip during HIGH water in Cataract Canyon. Our guides were INCREDIBLE! Brin was especially knowledgeable about the geology and history of Cataract Canyon- from the Ancient Puebloans to John Wesley Powell to today’s Colorado River issues relating to the West’s need for water.

The overall camaraderie, competence, and skill that all the guides possessed made our trip along with the absolutely spectacular scenery. I felt nervous about the high water but had total confidence in the guides. Their joy after successfully running Cataract at 48,000 cfs was infectious and truly enhanced my experience.

The river trip was restorative, peaceful, high energy, and absolutely extraordinary. I cannot wait to return for another trip!”

– Mara and Kevin, Cataract Canyon Trip, July 2023

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