Music River Rafting Trips in UT & CO

Imagine waking up in your warm sleeping bag to the rising sun, sliding on your sandals, and strolling through a riverside campsite for your already prepared coffee and breakfast. Then you spend the morning floating peacefully through a gorgeous canyon, listening to the gentle call of the yellow-bellied warbler and keeping an eye out for bighorn sheep. When the river narrows and boulders emerge from the water’s surface, excitement comes in the waves and splashes of whitewater rapids. You arrive at the next campsite, yet another beachside oasis, and you go explore a side canyon, finding a secluded waterfall at the end of the trail. Rinsing off in the clear water is invigorating, and you return to your temporary home to a feast fit for kings. After you eat and the sun begins to set, you may find yourself wondering, “How could this day get any better?” The answer, of course, is LIVE MUSIC!

This year, Holiday River Expeditions is offering three specialty music trips! Join the Del Sol Quartet on the Yampa River to be swept away to another world by their ethereal string playing. If bluegrass is the soundtrack to your soul, then consider hopping on the Green River through Lodore Canyon with Salt Lake City-based band The Pickpockets and enjoy their expansive catalog of heartfelt originals and classic favorites. Or, float through the Gates of Lodore and discover the passion and talent of Holiday’s very own Spencer Torman as he is joined by his bandmates of 15 years to share their earnest, heartfelt, and melodic indie rock and folk tunes.

We feel so privileged and excited to have these professional musicians join us on the river this year and offer their music to elevate what is already a truly amazing experience. Seats are still available on each trip and we hope you can join us for what will surely be a magical adventure!

Del Sol Quarter Music Specialty

Members of the Del Sol Quartet on the Yampa

June 9-13, 2023 (5 days): Float the wild Yampa River with members of the Bay Area’s pre-eminent string ensemble, the Del Sol Quartet. The harmonies of violin and cello are a sublime complement to nature’s own ongoing concerto of rocks, water, and canyon. Sunrise concerts and evening rehearsals with professional musicians provide a unique addition to the potent magic of the wild Yampa River. TRIP IS FULL - You can add your name to the waitlist!

The PickPockets

Pickpockets Bluegrass Band in Lodore Canyon

2023 Dates Coming! (4 days): Join Dante, David, Alec, Jake, and Aiden of The Pickpockets, for traditional Bluegrass tunes in Lodore Canyon. Location in the heart of the magical Dinosaur National Monument, this section of the Green River is the perfect setting for a music trip. You'll enjoy some heartfelt original tunes as well as some familiar covers. This local Salt Lake City band has been playing together since 2018. We are grateful to have them join us in one of the most beautiful river canyons we run! We hope you will join us too!

Spencer Torman Music friends

Green River Rafting Trip with Spencer and Friends

August 24-27 2023 (4 days): Discover local Utah musicians Spencer and Friends while enjoying the majesty of Lodore Canyon. Along with band mates Nik and Landon, Holiday's own Spencer Torman will combine his passion for music with his love for the river. The trio—who have been playing together for almost 15 years—will bring acoustic instruments and add their sweet indie rock and folk sounds to the harmony of the canyon. Experience Lodore's infamous rapids and beautiful side hikes, then round out the day at your own private riverside concert venue. Join us for this special music trip and make Spencer and Friends your new friends!