Trip Rating


River trips have ratings according to the difficulty of their toughest rapid.

  • Class I and II rapids consist of moving water and gentle waves.
  • Class III rapids include moderate waves and obstructions (rocks, gravel bars, etc.) in the river.
  • Class IV rapids include bigger waves, faster water, and more significant obstacles than Class III.
  • Class V rapids are the most difficult with large waves, powerful currents, and unpredictable hazards.

Holiday uses a rating scale of beginner, intermediate, and advanced for our river trip offerings.

  • Beginner: Our easiest trips, ideal for tentative first timers or families with young children (minimum age is 5 years old), with mostly Class I and II rapids. (Desolation Canyon, San Juan River, Fisher Towers, Green River or Colorado River daily trips)
  • Intermediate: The majority of our trips are intermediate level, with Class III and IV rapids. These trips are great fun for almost everyone, especially for adventurous first timers or families with older children (minimum age is 8 years old). (Westwater Canyon, Gates of Lodore, Yampa River trips, low- and medium-water Cataract Canyon trips)
  • Advanced: Advanced trips include continuous Class IV and V rapids and are for those who are extremely fit and have previous rafting experience. Age minimum is 16 years old. (high-water Cataract Canyon)