Balance and Flow Wellness Trips in Utah

Wellness Trips: Connection, Movement, and Nature

Tap into the healing power of the natural world on a Balance & Flow yoga wellness or women’s naturalist trip. In the rush of our day-to-day lives, it can be hard to find the time and space to pause and reconnect with our sense of peace. With this in mind, Holiday has created a series of wellness trips. We know better than most how to go with the flow of nature. Our river and bike trips lead you into spectacular wilderness settings, far from the chaos of the modern world.

We’ve designed a broad selection of trips to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Looking for an extended escape from your everyday life? Take 5 days to stand up paddle board and practice yoga through Labyrinth Canyon. Or, if you’re looking for a slightly shorter escape, join one of our 4-day women’s yoga trips – raft through class II-IV rapids in Lodore Canyon and enjoy guided beach-front yoga, or pedal along with expert yoga facilitator Jennifer Gilmore on the White Rim for four days of mountain biking, yoga, and of course, nighttime stargazing!

There are so many different ways to connect to these outdoor spaces! If you’re looking for some more introspective reflection, leadership coach, Lori Mueller, will lead you through a 4-day self-awareness retreat in Lodore Canyon. If you’re looking for artistic inspiration and guidance, come along on a 5-day full San Juan float. In June, Michal Onyon provides instruction and guidance on capturing the magic of these canyons through en plein air water coloring. Or join Great Old Broads and author M.L. (Peg) Herring for a special fall San Juan while learning the practice of illustrated journaling.

These multi-day trips let you maximize your time in the wilderness. Breathe deep, laugh long and loud, and let the natural world wash over you. Pick any of these Balance and Flow Wellness trips. The rivers and canyons are sure to provide the quiet you need to rediscover your inner peace.

Balance and Flow Yampa Dusk

Watercolor Painting on the San Juan

June 13-18, 2024 (6 days): Join us with our seasoned en pleine aire watercolor expert, Michel Onyon for a special 6 day float through both the upper and lower sections of the San Juan River! Take in the well preserved archeological sites the upper section is known for, and marvel at the geologic features within the lower reaches of the river. What better way to take home lasting memories of this trip than with daily watercolors recording your favorite views and memories along the way?!

Enneagram River Retreat in Lodore Canyon

July 19-22, 2024 (4 days): Life and leadership coach, Lori Mueller, hosts her second annual Enneagram River Retreat! Take a deep dive into learning about yourself - learn how you see the world, and explore how you respond to different life experience. Balance your reflective growth time with relaxing days floating on the river. Lori guides your personal growth; Holiday's professional guides provide delicious meals, exciting whitewater, and stunning hidden hikes.

Women's Writing San Juan Workshop

Illustrated Journaling on the San Juan

September 16-19, 2024 (4 days): Connect with nature while connecting with your inner soul as you float down the magical lower San Juan River. This is a rare opportunity to experience the desert in a unique and extraordinary way. Joining you and other like-minded individuals will be a leader from the Great Old Broads of Wilderness as well as teacher and author Peg Herring, who will promote meaningful connections, facilitate powerful journaling activities, and create an unforgettable experience. Float, paddle, and hike through the geologic and archaeological wonderland that is the San Juan River. This trip is perfect for novice rafters as well as seasoned experts, due to the variety of activity, beauty of the landscape, and unparalleled potential for meaningful connection and experience.

Playing on a Stand-up Paddleboard on the Colorado River

Stand-up Paddleboard & Yoga Labyrinth Canyon

Sept 23-27, 2024 (5 days): In a land full of delight, Labyrinth Canyon stands out as a crowd favorite. Take 5 days to slow your pace, take in the splendor of the great outdoors, and spend your time basking in the fall sun, practicing yoga on stunning sandy beaches, learning the art of stand up paddle boarding, and hiking up side canyons containing wonder and awe. The gentle pace of this trip allows you to nurture your body through gentle guided movement. Whether you're new to stand up paddle boarding, or you're back for more, this trip will satiate your need to paddle!