Reverenced the River

River Rafting Down The Wild Yampa River

June 21

2011-06-09-Yampa-346The guides were fantastic, competent and knowledgeable about the terrain, geology, and prehistory. They were courteous, and idealistic, in that they clearly reverenced the river and the canyon they were showing us.  A remarkable moment was when Pat, the leader, took his raft to the bank to pick up some little stray piece of trash that caught his eye.  The commitment to keeping the canyon as pristine as possible was very impressive. Each hike, generally mid-day, was different, interesting in a unique way, and really complemented the river experience. I’ve still got to try that carved pineapple trick as well. I’ve never done anything quite like this – a real luxury for me and my niece.  It will be a lasting memory.

By Bob Henninge