We Could Have Stayed Forever

Rafting Down The Yampa River And The Green River

June 16, 2014

Yampa River 35Everything actually exceeded my expectations. The guides were not only efficient and competent at all aspects of their jobs, but also engaging conversationalists and recreation leaders. The hikes were some of my favorite parts of the overall trip. The food was wonderful. I couldn’t believe how much they could do with what they brought on a boat! Our trip on the Yampa and Green River with Holiday was everything we could have hoped for and more. For some members of our party this was a second Yampa trip with Holiday, and they loved it just as much as they did 28 years ago if not more. For the rest of us it was amazing to see that it was everything we had been told to expect, but even better. We could have stayed on the river forever!!

By Jonathan & Julie Day