A New Generation Of River Lovers

Floating Down The Wild Yampa River In Dinosaur National Monument

June 16-20, 2014

2011-06-08-Yampa-190I’ve now done the Yampa trip twice. The first was in 1986 with my 12 year old son and our guide Sherpa San. It was great and we still have many great memories from that week. However, on June 16th we did the Yampa trip again at ages 68 and 40 respectively. But this time with my daughter-in-law and a new generation of rafters, grandsons, aged 10 & 8. It’s not often you get to take a trip of lifetime twice. The new generation of guides, Zack, Molly, Justin, Dustin, & Tanner were excellent, always caring and engaging. As an added bonus, we got to reunite briefly with Sherpa San after all these years. All in all-priceless!

By Donald Day