Butt Dam Falls Is So Fun

River Rafting The Untamed Yampa River In Colorado & Utah

May 19

2011-06-10-Yampa-884The river bags were big enough to hold more than enough gear, but didn’t take up too much space. I went with my school and our guides; Brynn, Jen, Carrie, Nick, and Ben, were awesome. They told the best stories and Nick’s riddles were so hard. PS. I still am a turtle master. We went on two great hikes. The first had a view better than most motivational posters. The second, Butt Dam Falls, had the clearest water I had ever seen. As always, river trip food is the best. I am still amazed that the guides can cook that well on 2 tables. Transport was fun and relaxing. I love river trips. Everything from the games of washers and horseshoes, to the rapids, to the food was excellent. Thanks for a great trip!

By Neel Patel