River Rafting The Untamed Yampa River In Colorado & Utah

Yampa River: June 07

20Ben, Casey and Austin really went above and beyond to help make our first river-rafting trip memorable beyond words. Their overall knowledge of the river(s), rafting skills, and sense of humor were very much appreciated. They were accommodating, flexible, and quickly became an integral part of OUR group – eating, laughing, and marveling at our surroundings right along with the rest of us. To sum up: their people skills and professionalism were top-notch. Thanks guys. The hiking was not too much, not too little and always optional. Again, the fellows knew their stuff and really enhanced the walks. Amazing what the guys cooked up, from grilled salmon the 1st night, to fillets the final night. Yum! And perhaps most importantly, piping hot coffee was always ready first thing in the A.M.! French toast on the river, who would have thought? We rave to friends, and plan to make future trips with Holiday Expeditions.


By Jonathan Eaton & Joy Ellen