Yampa River Rafting

 4-5 Day Yampa River Rafting Trips

Whitewater rafting on the Yampa River

Rafting trips on the Yampa River are unlike any other river trip on the entire Colorado Plateau. Every May and June this river rises to the occasion and CRANKS with plenty of full-bodied waves from the first day to the last. Like many wild things the Yampa River also has a serene side… tiger-striped walls that drop 2000 feet sheer to the water, side-canyon waterfalls, Fremont Indian rock art, and Whispering Cave. We will spend 46 miles of this 71-mile trip on the Yampa and then merge with the Green River at Echo Park through Whirlpool Canyon and Split Mountain Gorge. If you feel the need for something rare, something wild and free…try a Yampa River trip. 

4-5 Day Yampa River

The Yampa is WILD. The last undammed river on the Colorado River system. Through the years the Yampa has defied many attempts to dam its free flow and with natural flood-cycles remained the standard bearer for a truly authentic deep wilderness experience. For great early season rafting, there isn’t anywhere better! We have even provided a Yampa River rafting map for your convenience!