Dance as if no one was watching
Sing as if no one were listening
Live everyday as if it is your last

Canyonlands White Rim Slideshow 4

Women’s White Rim Trail Trip

This Irish proverb slipped into my mind as I was interviewing women about their experiences on all women White Rim mountain biking trips. As the stress and the demands of life get sweated out and replaced by deep breaths, a whole lot of beautiful space, and a gaggle of instantaneous girlfriends, the dancing, singing, and living aspects of life surface.

Zany, delicious, and liberating are the breadcrumbs falling from the stories these women shared with me. And I want to follow them; steering along this same path by taking one of these trips myself (next fall is the plan). For someone whose mountain bike has gathered dust for ten years (yes, kids came into the picture), these three words are motivating because in the day-to-day, there just is not enough of it. If I can fill up on zany, delicious, and liberating on a 100-mile trail that snakes along the edge of Island in the Sky Mesa in Canyonlands National Park, then count me in—even if it means resorting to riggin’ up the pillow. Huh? Yes, we’ve seen it.  Day two in the saddle and the creativity begins to flow. But now, with the invention of Gel seat covers no “pillow rigging” is necessary.

Just go!

Grab the gals, jump on a White Rim Trail bike trip and enjoy miles and miles of beauty, laughter, bonding and fun. Your bike guides will follow along is the support van with all the food, beverages and gear.  All you need to do is show up and bike. With a view literally around every turn you’ll want to stop often and truly enjoy the journey. The White Rim Trail is nestled in the heart of Canyonlands National Park in the Island in the Sky District.

Note: This trip was featured in CYCLE AND STYLE but that blog has since been archived.