Holiday River Expeditions offers numerous Women’s River Rafting trips with opportunities for women to slip into nature, bond with each other, and the environment. These all-woman retreats are inspired by the belief in women’s innate affinities towards deep and soulful self-reflection, and strong desires to empower each other and empower themselves.

By combining the calming and meditative practice of yoga with the excitement and invigoration of white water rafting, hiking, and mountain bike trips, the aim of these retreats is to offer a sense of deep fulfillment. Women’s River Rafting trips aim to rejuvenate, and relax our clients by practicing yoga along the rivers of the west. The trips focus on cultivating and nourishing moments of connection with nature and connection with one self. Women raft and hike the rivers of the San Juan River, Lower Salmon River, Lodore Canyon, and Desolation Canyon. The experiences are delightfully diverse, touching on every vicissitude of feeling.

Rafting through the white-water rapids offers the perfect combination of excitement and exertion. Kayaking and hiking opportunities provide other means of parting from the waters and venturing into places that remain protected from human influence. On these journeys, women enter the captivating walls of the canyons and pass through vibrant green forests. What a splendid environment for the practice of yoga. Stacey Petersen, who was first trained as a dancer and then a yogini facilitates the women’s retreat trips. She draws much of her inspiration from the natural world. Trained in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, Stacey also practices the Oneness Processes and “Present Moment Awareness.” Together, women align their bodies in enlivening yoga postures while focusing on the breath – becoming one with the beauty of the natural environment, stilling the mind, and ushering deep meditation.

The Women’s Yoga & Writing Workshop on the San Juan River is a sure treat for women who like to pen their reflections or who keep journals. Jessica Frogley, a certified yoga teacher and writer uses the combination of writing and yoga to encourage women to explore deep parts of themselves. The added energy of San Juan River rafting makes this experience truly complete.

Another great option for women looking for a spiritual transformation in nature is the Spiritual Rafting Retreat with Jeanette Dames and Brooke Banwer. This six-day retreat of bonding and Salmon River rafting encourages women to acquire more spiritual freedom in their lives. Learning about the importance of forgiveness and the removal of negative-thought programming that affects relationships, business, and financial potential is key to this retreat. You will learn how to recondition your subconscious mind and how to embrace joy with intention. Brooke Banwer is an emotional healer who has led many Course of Miracles groups, and Jeanette Dames is a certified angel therapist and medium who was formally trained with Dr. Doreen Virtue. Take your pick of these wonderful opportunities for women to indulge and enjoy their unique traits and power, and to appreciate the treasures of nature.

2021 Schedule:

May 15-19  5-day Women’s Watercolor Workshop w/Suze Woolf

July 8-11  4-day Women’s River and Yoga Trip w/Katie Wood