By Susan Munroe & Julie Trevelyan

Whitewater Splash Short - Women’s River Rafting Trips: 11 ReasonsWomen’s river rafting trips are an opportunity for women to slip into nature wearing their own skin. Leave society and its pressures behind and enter a world with no schedule, no expectations, and no to-do list. Every summer, Holiday offers fully catered, multi-day, all-women rafting (and sometimes biking!) trips. Professional (female!) guides lead the way through the spectacular river canyons of Utah and Colorado. These strong, talented women row the rafts and take care of all the camp chores, leaving you free to embrace each moment.

Beautiful and remote, a few days floating the Green, Colorado, Yampa, or San Juan rivers can be life-changing. These canyons offer diverse scenery and different levels of whitewater excitement, from easy-mellow to breathless-exhilarating. Campsites are often on open beaches or tucked into groves of cottonwood or box elder trees. Days are spent floating and hiking, talking and swimming. Inflatable kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are another way to get deeper into these places that remain protected from human influence.

Our women’s river rafting trips add yoga, writing, meditation, or watercolor painting to all of the above. Holiday partners with local female artists, writers, yogis, and community leaders to offer something different every year. With a focus on relaxation and rejuvenation, our goal is to cultivate an environment where women can pause, reflect, try new things, and create new bonds with nature as well as each other.

Bring your daughters, mothers, sisters, friends, or just bring yourself! There’s a unique energy and power in an all-female group, whether composed of old friends or perfect strangers.

Here are our 11 best reasons for joining an all-women trip this year.

  1. Women’s River Rafting Trips: 11 ReasonsSpending time with other women means you can relax, let go, and totally be yourself!
  2. Women can hold a very safe space for one another, both emotionally and physically. A river rafting adventure can include that added comfort of sanctuary when all your co-adventurers are also female.
  3. Two words: belly laughs. Laughter between women is hearty, expansive, and just plain fun. There’s always a lot of beautiful, healing laughter on all-women trips.
  4. Two more words: role models. Moms with daughters of a certain age frequently comment on how great it is for their daughters to watch strong, competent female guides in action.
  5. Learning a new skill like river rafting can be intense no matter what. Surrounded by other women, female participants often feel more comfortable going at their own pace.
  6. You don’t yoga? It’s all good—there’s plenty of space on the beach for reading, napping, chatting, or just relaxing.
  7. You do yoga, but you worry you aren’t good at it? Yoga can be more soothing and freeing in a group of only women, where there’s no need to worry about how you look as you drop into downward-facing dog.
  8. Let’s face it: women still do a lot of the work around the home. On the river, someone else cooks and cleans up. Seriously, how cool is that?
  9. Moms, executives, wives, girlfriends, leaders—women fill a lot of roles. A river trip (sans children or partners, business or domestic) can be a refreshing break from daily responsibilities, a way to get back some of your personal mojo.
  10. Performance anxiety is usually at a minimum in an all-women group. The rhythm of the trip is dictated less by a need to impress and more by a desire to simply enjoy.
  11. Women who travel solo often feel more comfortable in a group of strangers who are all women. We’ve seen some solid friendships form on these trips!

So here’s our invitation to all women: bring a daughter, mother, or a best friend, or just bring yourself. Join us on the river and discover just how joyful, revitalizing, and empowering women’s river rafting trips can be!

Women's Writing San Juan Workshop - Women’s River Rafting Trips: 11 ReasonsTRIPS FOR 2024

Experience the magical landscape of Dinosaur National Monument in the company of women. See the thousand-foot red walls of Lodore through a variety of perspectives as yoga teacher Val Arnie leads you through sun salutations and gentle flows geared toward the interests and abilities of each woman in the group.

August 22-25  4-day Women’s River and Yoga Trip w/Val Aerni in Lodore Canyon on the Green River

Join the coaches from Women in the Mountains and the Guide from Holiday River Expeditions for a Women’s Mountain Biking Skills Clinic on the White Rim Trail. Sept 23-27  4.5 day Women’s trip.

Womens River and Yoga TripOPTIONS FOR ALL

Don’t worry: if you’re into yoga but don’t want your non-female partner or friends to miss out on a great time, we’re also offering non-gender-specific yoga trips, including 4 days of bike riding on the White Rim Trail with yoga instructor Jennifer Gilmore Oct 12-15 as well as a 5-day Labyrinth Canyon trip Sept 23-27 with both SUPS and Yoga!

Or, charter your own trip! Get your favorite group of gals together for a birthday, anniversary, or just-because celebration. Pick the section of river or biking trail that suits your fancy and spend some quality time with those you love. Learn more about private charter trips.

Co-Written by Susan Munroe & Julie Trevelyan


Susan MunroeSusan Munroe is a reader, writer, traveler, and river guide. She moved to Utah from New Hampshire for the mountains, but it was the allure of the desert and its rivers that have truly kept her transfixed. More than eight years after she first came to work for Holiday River Expeditions, she still can’t get enough of life on the water. Susan spends her winters skiing and working in Salt Lake City, Utah, with frequent trips to southern Chile to run the Río Baker and support the work of the educational kayaking exchange program Ríos to Rivers. See more of  Susan’s work here:



Julie TrevelyanJulie Trevelyan is a freelance writer and wilderness guide in southern Utah. She especially enjoys books, coffee, yoga, wild country, horses, and dark chocolate. See more of her work on Wild Girl Writing.