by Julie Trevelyan


Cataract Canyon

If you feel like getting onto the river with a group of women who all like to stretch out with yoga moves, Holiday has some perfect rafting trips to check out. For 2018, Holiday’s Women’s Rafting Trips head out on Lodore, the Salmon River Canyons, and Cataract Canyon. There’s no stress as you just chill away the days, flowing from one pose to another on the beautiful river beaches, relaxing as your guides paddle downstream on these soothing yet refreshing river rafting adventures. Few things can be so primal yet so relaxing as practicing yoga or gently focusing in meditation right by the burble of the river, surrounded by other women and female guides who all enjoy the exact same thing. Namaste.


Idaho river rafting offers amazing harmony, laughter, hang-on-to-your-hats rapids, and beautiful spaces for yoga on the white sandy beaches or meditation on that big rock just at the water’s edge. Rafting through the beauties of the Green, Cougar, Snowhole, and Blue Canyons provides great natural inspiration to get in touch with your happy inner self. Let yourself expand in joy while practicing morning sun salutations, or allow yourself to relax into rejuvenating shivasana at day’s end.


Yoga on the beach, Lodore Canyon

As the Green River flows through the immense natural “gates” of Lodore Canyon, it invites the opportunity to bring peace and tranquility to your mind while also energizing you during rapids like Disaster, Hell’s Half Mile, and Triplet Falls. The stunning, detailed geography of the canyon softens and delights the senses every day of the trip, while the camps provide the perfect spaces for communing with nature or getting to know your rafting companions better.


Cataract is famous for its towering red rock walls and whoo-hoo rapids. It’s also a wonderful place to find a deeper connection to your inner female power as you greet each day with a calming meditation or invigorating yoga practice. To really wake you up, Satan’s Gut and world-famous Big Drop rapids hang around, waiting to pump some juice into your rafting adventure. Awesome bonus: a massage therapist accompanies on this trip to help you get the kinks out of those muscles. Note: male guides may also be on this trip.


Morning coffee on the White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park


Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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