Women-Only River Rafting or Mountain Biking Trip: Five Great Reasons to Go!

By Julie Trevelyan

Girlfriends on the River

Girlfriends on the River

Women Only Rafting Trips

Sometimes, women just need an adventure trip without guys. On an all-women river rafting trip, you can relax…perhaps not feel as much pressure to go bigger and bolder…and just be yourself. The truth of it is, sometimes women just need a girlfriend getaway, mother-daughter bonding, or simply time spent in the company of other women in order to reflect, relax, and enjoy. Holiday offers four distinct women-only river rafting vacations: San Juan River, Westwater Canyon, Lodore Canyon, and Desolation Canyon. Even better, daily yoga is part of the experience.



Five great reasons to take a women-only rafting trip:

  1. Learning a new skill like river rafting can be intense no matter what. Surrounded by other women, female participants often feel more comfortable going at their own pace.
  2. Yoga can be more soothing and freeing in a group of only women, where there’s no need to worry about how you look as you drop into downward dog.
  3. Performance anxiety is usually at a minimum in an all women’s group. The rhythm of the trip is dictated less by a need to impress and more by a desire to simply enjoy.
  4. Moms, wives, girlfriends—sometimes women in these roles need a refreshing break from their usual responsibilities to get back some of their personal mojo.
  5. Women who travel solo often feel more comfortable in a group of strangers who are all women. We’ve also seen solid friendships form on these trips!
Women's Trips

Women’s Trips

The San Juan River trip offers a balance of whitewater rapids with the daily relaxation of yoga. Desolation Canyon allows for side canyon exploration and big ole sandy beaches for those sun salutations. The Colorado River runs through red rock canyons that create some class IV Utah white water rapids to run. Lodore Canyon is exceptionally beautiful and also serves up the most chances to spot some incredible wildlife.

Morning solitude

Morning solitude

No matter your reasons, Holiday River Expeditions offers something pretty special with our all-women rafting trips.  Join any of our Balance & Flow Yoga Wellness trips or the Women’s Only trips on the Green River or the Colorado through Westwater.


Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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