The Weather Actually Enhanced Our Trip!

Colorado River Rafting In Westwater Canyon

August 04, 2014

GuideScoutThis was a terrific end to our short trip through Utah. Two days on the river was just enough time to unplug. Our guides were experts in handling the rafts, setting up camp, cooking and delivering a good time. They even arranged for lightning and thunderstorms to keep us amused. In spite of heavy rain and lightning, I never felt at risk on the river. As soon as we were able, we took shelter in an old prospector’s cabin. We were delighted to see multiple red flash flood waterfalls as we progressed down river. It was likely a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. Susan, Julian, KC and Larkin provided a very enjoyable trip!

By Mike & Sue Yeoman

‘Our Westwater Canyon whitewater river rafting trip takes us down a segment of the Colorado River that is magnificent and often referred to as a miniature Grand Canyon. The beauty and grandeur of this section on the Colorado River offer memorable sights such as pristine beaches, charming side canyons, and beautiful campsites. Colorado River rafting doesn’t get much better than this!

These trips are a great idea for those who want the beauty and thrills of a traditional Colorado River rafting vacation, yet only have a few days  open for their river rafting tour. Our Westwater Canyon rafting trips are the ultimate two or three-day getaway that will also have you home in time for work Monday! Get this trip on your calendar today.’