Utah River Rafting Trips

Whitewater rafting in Utah

Utah Whitewater Rafting trips are world renowned and accessible for all ages and ability levels. These river rafting trips not only have some of the most memorable whitewater rapids of The Colorado River but many lesser known and equally thrilling rafting trips, all part of the ‘Colorado River System’.  In the heart of the Colorado Plateau, the Green, Yampa, and San Juan all flow into the Colorado River; each one present unique moments of inspiration and adventure for you and your loved ones to share. This multitude of river miles means it’s easy to find a perfect trip for all ages and ability levels.  You can enjoy non-motorized oar rafts, high activity paddle rafts, individual inflatable kayaks and stand-up paddle boards on most of our Utah River Rafting trips.

While people come to our state for the notorious Whitewater rafting excitement, they tend to come back for the whole experience. From the 1st riverfront meal to the last glowing side canyon, Holiday aims to please and mother nature always abides. Some of the best parts of the Colorado River aren’t even in Colorado, but as our motto says, when it comes to Utah River Rafting trips, “you have to go to know.”

3-5 Day San Juan River

Pound for pound, the San Juan is one of the fastest moving rivers in the United States, dropping an average of eight feet per mile.  Sandstone and limestone walls frame the narrow canyon as the river snakes through the countless goosenecks for which it is famous.  The left bank of the river borders the present day Navajo Nation, while filled with sacred sites from the ancient pueblo civilizations of the past.  Scores of ancestral sites and petroglyphs line the canyon walls.

5-6 Day Desolation Canyon

The Tavaputs Plateau and Desolation Canyon are among the most remote areas of the continental United States. Even still, Desolation Canyon is actually anything but desolate. Instead, this amazing area is teeming with wildlife. A landscape marked by groves of cottonwood trees and white sand beaches. With playful intermediate whitewater, Desolation Canyon is a perfect fit for Inflatable Kayaks.

2-3 Day Westwater Canyon

Colorado River rafting doesn’t get much better than this! Our Westwater Canyon Colorado Rafting trip takes us down a segment of the Colorado River that packs a real whitewater punch, with ancient black-rock that gives it the nickname “miniature Grand Canyon”.

5-6 Day Cataract Canyon

Legendary Cataract Canyon lies buried in the heart of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. Our whitewater rafts offer fun and exciting transportation to side canyon grotto’s, waterfalls and ancient Pueblo ruins that are otherwise inaccessible. On this river rafting vacation we see the most vivid contrast between serene tranquility and all-out high adventure.  Spend your first few days soaking in all the supreme beauty and relaxation the river has to offer and then square up for 30 “Big Ones”; the big-drops of this notorious canyon never disappoint!

3 Day Cataract Canyon

Our three-day and two nights Cataract Canyon trip gives you the fun and exhilaration of our longer 5 and 6 day trip. This excursion is a great way to experience whitewater rafting at its best in a short time frame.  This three-day whitewater rafting trip includes riding the thrilling Big Drop Rapids with Little Niagara and Satan’s Gut…an unforgettable experience.

4 Day Lodore Canyon

Whitewater rafting trips through Lodore Canyon are filled with iconic rapids and beautiful scenery. The ‘Gates’ dwarf you with 800 foot exquisite vermilion canyon walls. Hike to a hidden waterfall and navigate legendary whitewater such as “Disaster Falls” &“Hell’s Half Mile”.  A place with such rich human and natural history will leave you with a new story around every bend.

4-5 Day Yampa River

The Yampa is WILD. The last undammed river on the Colorado River system. Through the years the Yampa has defied many attempts to dam its free flow and with natural flood-cycles remained the standard bearer for a truly authentic deep wilderness experience. For great early season rafting, there isn’t anywhere better!