Originally posted in 2008, now June 2012 and the Green River has been listed as one of the top 10 Endangered rivers, #2 in fact.

Please join us, Utah Rivers Council, and America Rivers to help protect the Green River.

If you have taken a trip with us in the last four years on the Green River then you were most likely petitioned to fill out a card and express why you think the Green River should be added to the Wild and Scenic River status. Easy to do when you have just come off a trip on this magnificent river. We then gather and send them off to our Governor in hopes that someone is listening! Our founder, Dee Holladay is the force behind our continued activism towards the protection of the resources we share with our guests. It is his passion, our company’s mission, and a vision we hope to share with all of you.

In a statement by the Utah Rivers Council:

Support Utah’s Wild and Scenic Rivers, especially the entire Green River!

Oar Raft Lodore Canyon

Wild and Scenic Rivers status protects rivers from new dams and diversions…forever. In addition, the outstanding values for which Wild and Scenic Rivers are designated – from historical sites to recreational activities to wildlife habitat – are protected. Despite the fact that Utah has amazing rivers, ranging from serene flat water to raging rapids and from high mountain streams to rivers passing through a red rock world, Utah has absolutely zero Wild and Scenic Rivers.

By the end of this year, the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service will be making their final recommendations about which of Utah’s outstanding rivers should become Wild and Scenic Rivers, including the Green River, Colorado River, San Juan River, and Logan River.

The BLM recently released a plan that proposes a 40 mile stretch of the Green River just north and south of the town of Green River should not become a Wild and Scenic River. Please speak out against this travesty and encourage our decision makers to urge the BLM to recommend the entire Green River and the rest of Utah’s outstanding rivers becoming Wild and Scenic Rivers.

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