By Julie Trevelyan

Lodore Canyon Rafting

Lodore Canyon Rafting

This technical whitewater rafting trip demands vigilant concentration, desire for a potentially wild ride, and a huge capacity for fun. Rafting the Green River through popular Lodore Canyon is a multi-day trip we offer May through September, and it’s a totally fantastic experience with some energetic whitewater rapid sections sure to get your blood pumping. But it’s still suitable for families with kids. Sweet!

Green River Rafting -  Family Fun

Green River Rafting

Consider heading out on this river rafting vacation if you desire high-octane fun, spectacular canyon scenery, and the chance to see wildlife in a darn unique setting. Decide which dates you want to come, check out our checklist of things to bring, and hotfoot it to the put-in for Lodore Canyon in 2012.

Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep

Fun factoids about Lodore Canyon:

Butt Dam Falls

Butt Dam Falls

-It’s a 44-mile long river rafting trip

-John Wesley Powell named several of its rapids with colorful monikers after he first ran them in 1869: Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls, and Hell’s Half Mile

-Powell named it after an 1820 poem, “Cataract of Lodore,” about Lodore Falls in Cumbria, England

-The actual “Gates of Lodore” that greet you shortly after putting in are impressive 800-foot tall slabs of sandstone

-It goes smack through Dinosaur National Monument

Written by Julie Trevelyan.

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