Womens Therapeutic Yoga Desolation Canyon

Not your standard Women’s Yoga Retreat, this Green River trip through Desolation Canyon is an open door to ALL Women, All ages. Special emphasis on the aging process and those with physical challenges such as MS, arthritis, weight, chronic pain, ...

Womens River Retreat Lodore Canyon

Women’s Lodore Canyon Our Lodore Canyon rafting trip for women combines the peaceful meditation of Yoga with the exceptional natural beauty of the Green River. Each morning, we invite you to relax and breathe in the cool fresh air while reflecting upon the ...

Yoga on the River/ Dana Menlove

YOGA ON THE RIVER with Dana Menlove
Give yourself the gift of time away from your busy life as you relax and refresh in body, mind and spirit, discovering the transformative nature of yoga on the river.
Time on the ...

Our Women’s River and Yoga Retreat is a vacation that is simply different. It’s an investment in yourself. A chance to renew both body and soul. Every year dozens of women—sisters, mothers and daughters, grandmothers, friends, and strangers—join Holiday River Expedition’s female guides on river trips tailored to Women. Spectacular river canyons offer secluded beaches where your facilitator (s) will share the ancient art of yoga. You’ll experience excitement and comradery as you run the rapids with women guides who understand the nature of the journey. Join us for a wilderness experience that will enrich your life long after you return home.