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A must in any mountain biker’s rites of passage is the White Rim Trail. Riding on a sandstone bench through a land called “Island in the Sky” you will pass Mussleman Arch, Monument Basin, Turks head, Candlestick Tower, and White Crack, a perch 1000 feet above the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers in the center of Canyonlands … some believe the center of the universe. If you only had time for one mountain bike trip in your life, this should be the one.


  • Mountain bike through the “Island in the Sky”
  • Stand 1000 feet above the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers
  • The one mountain bike trip for your bucket list

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Jun 11, 2013 by Andy and Marcia Walker

Everything was 5 star. We feel this was one of the all time great experiences of our lifetimes. A combination of dynamic and entertaining personalities combined with a magnificence of nature that has few peers and 4 days of gorgeous weather combined to create the perfect storm of ecstatic grandeur. It really couldn't have been more wonderful!


Sep 25, 2012 by Jennifer Gilmore

As always, the guides were knowledgeable and friendly. Even the drivers are friendly! I brought four female friends on this ride, with varying levels of mountain bike experience and ability. One woman had never camped before, nor ridden a mountain bike, and had a fear of heights! But this was on Herr bucket list and she is fit and strong. It was a tough intro--riding down Schaefer Trail the first morning, but she did it and Dave was very encouraging and helpful. The first night we had a wild wind and sandstorm just after we crawled into our tents--this was her first night ever camping! After that trial by fire, the trip went more smoothly, the weather cooperating, and everyone falling in love with the majesty of Canyonlands. One other of our crew was a Southern Utah "virgin" and throughout the ride she pimped Dave and Justin for information--on geography, campsites, cooking, etc. This was a great bonding trip for us five women--and the lone male cyclist! The guides always made sure we were all comfortable whenever possible. On the drive home to SoCal, talk had already turned to next year--which ride, which month. But no question as to who with--Holiday, of course!


Sep 17, 2012 by Melissa Robertson

Dave and Justin are the best I have seen in customer services for all of my career . I'm a harsh critic, I give them 5 stars. The food was fantastic, although David was injured helping other campers, he showed great patience, understanding, and kindness to me throughout the entire trip.


Sep 16, 2012 by Bruce and Danell Varker

EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS! This was my 3rd trip with Holiday and did not disappoint. The guides are beyond fabulous and the food was spectacular. Already planning on another trip for next year, perhaps two. Keep up the good work and GO WITH THE FLOW!


Sep 14, 2012 by Mark Sturdevant

Justin and Dave--as always, went above and beyond. Whether you are a strong cyclist, or less experienced, the guides treat you as though you are the type of person they would most like to share their ride with!


Aug 22, 2012 by Karalee Trevino

Our group had a fabulous time on the White Rim. The guides were great and made fantastic food. We were able to view the eclipse which was magnificent! We cannot wait to do another trip with Holiday!


May 19, 2009 by S. Uram, UT

Above and beyond. In fact I was having issues with my disk brakes and Bossie rode back to me a couple of miles after thinking about how to fix the problem. And of course he did. What a guy, I was so impressed and thankful, it could have waited until we hit camp!!!! Thanks again, Bossie and to Ben for always having the van ready when I needed it!!! They were always there for support. From sun up to sun down was such a beautiful memory we will enjoy forever. Thanks again to each of you!! They made the trip.


May 10, 2009 by I. Berbekar, Alberta, CANADA

John Wood was our trip organizer and did a fabulous job of organizing our trip and providing pre-trip information. The bike in good shape except my front shock blew up on my second day of riding. Otherwise the bike and other rental gear was great. Guides handled our unusual weather circumstances in stride and make the trip a success. The single track day at Klondike Bluffs was great and the Shaefer Trail was stunning; well worth the ride! It was a very nice experience. I\'d like to come back for a river trip one day.

Bike Raft , USA 5.0 5.0 8 8 Everything was 5 star. We feel this was one of the all time great experiences of our lifetimes. A combination of dynamic and entertaining personalities combined with a magnificence