Lodore Canyon Rafting

Whitewater rafting trips through Lodore Canyon are filled with excitement and beautiful scenery. We will encounter 800 foot canyon walls superbly crafted by Mother Nature of Precambrian Bedrock along with exquisite vermilion rock formations. Many of its exciting whitewater rapids

Yampa River Rafting

The Yampa is WILD. The last undammed river on the Colorado River system. Through the years the Yampa has defied many attempts to dam its free flow, several by congress, and the most formidable in 1965 by Mother Nature.

Cataract Canyon Rafting

Legendary Cataract Canyon lies buried in the heart of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. Our whitewater rafts offer fun and exciting transportation to side canyon grottos, waterfalls and ancient Pueblo ruins that are otherwise inaccessible.

3-day Cataract Canyon

Let Holiday River Expeditions take you on an exciting 3 day Cataract Canyon river rafting trip where you’ll see some of the most amazing white water in North America. This three day white water rafting trip includes navigating the thrilling rapids of Cataract.

Westwater Canyon Rafting

Colorado River rafting doesn’t get much better than this! Our Westwater Canyon Colorado Rafting trip takes us down a segment of the Colorado River that is magnificent and is often referred to as a miniature Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Rafting! The very name “Grand Canyon” brings to mind unparalleled beauty, and breathtaking whitewater. This grand-daddy of whitewater rafting in Arizona boasts 150 rapids, including some of the wildest whitewater in North America. The two largest, Lava Falls


The Colorado River has much to offer to the outdoor enthusiast. The river is known as one of the best white water rivers to raft in the west if not in the United States. It is no surprise that River Rafting on the Colorado River is continuing to grow in popularity. The river has sections perfect for beginners with smooth waters and majestic vistas. Further along there are sections of river to challenge the experts with class IV and V rapids. The river starts out high in the Rocky Mountains and gains momentum and size as it speeds towards the coast. Along the river visitors can see everything from historical sites to the beautiful geology that the river helped form. Truly Colorado River Rafting offers something for everyone, and everyone should take the opportunity to enjoy rafting the river during their life.

These whitewater rafting trips are located on the Colorado/Utah border or on the Colorado River and feature some of the region’s most remote and beautiful river rafting country.