San Juan River Rafting Trip Water fight


River trips have a class rating according to the difficulty of their toughest rapid.

Class I and II trips consist of flat water and gentle waves.

Class III include moderate waves and obstructions (rocks, gravel bars etc.) in the river.

Class IV is bigger and faster than class III.

Class V are the most difficult with large waves, powerful currents, and unpredictable hazards.

Easiest: An easiest trip is ideal for tentative first timers or families with young children. We suggest children be at least 5 years old.  Class I & II

Intermediate: Intermediate trips are appropriate for adventurous first timers or families with older children. We suggest children be at least eight years old (twelve on bike trips). Class III & IV

Advanced: Advanced trips are for those who are extremely fit and have had previous experience. We suggest that all members be at least sixteen years of age. Class IV & V

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