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Top Five Reasons to Go on a Specialty Trip. As if river rafting wasn’t cool enough itself, you can also choose to go on a specialty river trip. With an added emphasis on a particular activity or topic, your rafting vacation can be even cooler and include a focus on an interest you already had, or perhaps something new. Holiday’s specialty trips offer a variety of fascinating topics. Upcoming ones include Spiritual Rafting Retreat, Lodore Naturalist Full Moon, Cataract Naturalist Full Moon, Kayak Workshop, Birding Trip on the Yampa, and Fall Extended Hike/Raft on Cataract Canyon. Our top five reasons why a specialty trip is a great choice follow here:



1) You get a deeper experience.

Focusing on a certain activity, such as learning to kayak well or delving into your spiritual self, can lend a more intense quality to your time on the Yampa River, or Lodore, or the Main Salmon, or through Cataract Canyon. This can lead to an even more relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. For some people, it’s even been life-changing.


2) Connect with people who have the same interests.

Guests on specialty raft trips have often made lifelong friendships with other guests and the wonderful guides as well. Sharing a common interest can make for more focused conversations and more of a sense of really getting to know other people. We think this reason alone is perhaps the most awesome one for taking a specialty trip.


Top Five Reasons to Go on a Specialty Trip W/Holiday River Expeditions3) Learn something fascinating.

You might head into a specialty trip with some knowledge of the particular activity at hand, or none at all. Either way, you’re almost certain to learn something both new and compelling on a specialty river adventure.


4) Spend time with an expert.

Experts in their fields join each specialty trip. You get to rely on their lifetime’s accumulation of knowledge and hands-on experience during a specialty trip, which means you’re getting some serious information handed right to you on the river. Go on, pick their brains. They love that!


5) Discover the river in an even more meaningful way.

Seeing the river beneath the startlingly bright light of the full moon, exploring the hikes through the serpentine canyons, or listening for specific birdcalls from the feathered natives reveals the river canyon to you in ways you might have missed on a traditional trip. Each river has its own nuances and secret spots. The cadence of a particular river can be more fully experienced and understood during a specialty trip.


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