by Julie Trevelyan

Looking for reasons to go biking? Here are Top Five Reasons to Bike the White Rim Trail. The famed White Rim Trail in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park is a beacon for those who desire to spin their wheels through some of the most gorgeous scenery on the planet. Whether you are a mountain biking newbie or seasoned trail guru, this trip is one for your “must-do” list. To further inspire you, here are some very specific reasons why you should consider the White Rim for your next mountain biking adventure:


1 – Landscape

You get to cycle through an abundance of jaw-dropping landscape that will nurture, soothe, and simply exhilarate your soul. Many consider this the most scenic bike ride in the country.

Top Five Reasons to Bike the White Rim


2 – Canyonlands National Park

You get to experience the heart of a stunning national park that most of its visitors never will. Crowds of tourists? Nope. Throngs clamoring for the bathrooms at the visitor center? Nope. Nicely paved flat trails meandering gently? Nope! This is the real deal, deep in the beautiful country of Canyonlands, and it’s worth every second.

Top Five Reasons to Bike the White Rim


3 – Experienced Guides

You have all your important needs met by a trusty crew of experienced guides: someone else cooks, cleans, carries the gear, and even offers you a lift in the support vehicle if the going gets too rough. Now, that’s pretty awesome service.

Top Five Reasons to Bike the White Rim

4 – Pick your Pace

You can challenge yourself on the 1,000-vertical foot downhills and uphills, thus proving to yourself what a superman/woman you are and growing your thigh muscles exponentially. Or, you can cheerfully push your bike up and down said hills, perfectly content regardless. With technical sections totaling only about 5%-10% of the entire trail, the White Rim well serves a nice cross-section of riders.

Top Five Reasons to Bike the White Rim

5 – Be Proud

You get to regale your friends and family when you’re back home with tales of mountain biking prowess, sleep beneath a veritable blanket of stars every night, breathe some the clearest, cleanest air in the nation, and ever after say, I rode the White Rim Trail. And it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Top Five Reasons to Bike the White Rim


Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

Julie is a freelance writer and wilderness guide in southern Utah. She especially enjoys books, coffee, yoga, wild country, horses, and dark chocolate.