by Julie Trevelyan

2010-07-18-Lodore-2605Top Five Reasons To Start Planning Your River Rafting Vacation. River season will be here before we know it. If you’re thinking about going on a river rafting trip, or trying to convince someone else to do it with you, here are excellent talking points to bring up.

 1. You can pretend to be a kid again.

Splashing in the river, lazing around at camp, and telling ghost stories around the campfire are just some of the fun. Letting someone else do the cooking for you, and forgetting time itself exists is part of the rafting experience. You’re totally allowed to just kick back and enjoy yourself, and leave your cares for when you get to the take-out at the end.

2010-07-18-Lodore-24122. They’re great for families, couples, friends, or just by yourself.

There aren’t many vacations out there that can easily cater to just about any relationship pairing or solo travel, but river rafting does. You can check out a family trip, a more adventurous one to bring your pals on, or set out on your own and be just about certain you will make new friends despite not knowing anyone at the start.

3. You get into the great outdoors and can unplug from modern life for a while.

Not only is nature amazing, gorgeous, and exciting, river rafting through it offers you opportunities to spot wildlife, soak in the beauty of the canyon walls, and let your mind drift. No Internet, no TV, no cell phones…just your own journey as you relax more and more into the calming natural solitude every day.

2010-07-19-Lodore-29254. Budget friendly.

You’d be hard-pressed to find other vacations that include your meals, lodging, daily transportation, guides, entertainment, stunning views, laughter, adventure, and new experiences for the price of a river rafting trip.

5. It’s just plain fun.

Really, it’s vacation, there is very little required of you physically, and you can whoop and holler over the rapids or just quietly enjoy the spectacular scenery as you float past it. You deserve to have fun, so make plans to get on a river this season and enjoy the heck out of your trip.




Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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