River Rafting in September (UT & CO)

by Julie Trevelyan


Colorado River Westwater Canyon Slideshow 3Whitewater rafting gets big play in the summer months. June, July, and August are what many people consider the peak times to catch those flows and ride that whitewater. But don’t count out September as a great month to take that river rafting vacation you’ve always dreamed of—or to go on your 27th trip. September might be the winding down month from all the playtime of summer, yet it’s also still an excellent time of year to cruise down that river you’ve had a hankering to explore. Here are our top five reasons why September is a month to reckon with when planning your whitewater adventure. Just give September rivers a try. We think you’ll have a marvelous time.

1) Less people!

Most people don’t associate September with whitewater river rafting. When fewer people go on a river trip, it can mean more relaxation for you. The bonus is that with fewer people, you get a little more elbow room, even more attention from your first-class guides, and a better chance to get to know your fellow rafters.


2) Adults only!

Most kids are back in school by now. Kids are awesome, we love kids, but sometimes it can be quieter and calmer with just the big people on a trip. Or maybe the prospect of cutting loose and just being a grown-up, surrounded by other grown-ups, makes September your ideal month to raft.

3) Great Deals!

Since September is a less popular month for rafting vacations, Holiday has some wonderful deals that mean you can spend less and still partake in a fantastic adventure. Check out Holiday’s sweet deals on guaranteed departures.

4) Terrific weather!

The nights are a little cooler, the days are still warm—what’s not to like about this? A slight crispness to the air seems to bring out the gorgeous colors of those towering sandstone walls and the ripples in the sparkling waters. September weather can be very appealing on a river raft trip.

5) The water level is still good!

Lots of rafters want the thrill of high water early in the season, when melting snow pumps up river levels and provides some wild rides. Common knowledge usually says water levels are lower as the summer winds down, but September sees rivers still filled with plenty of water for your trip. The Colorado River through Westwater Canyon, Cataract Canyon, the Green River through Lodore Canyon, and the Main Salmon River in Idaho can offer wicked cool trips and outstanding memories later in the season.


Julie TrevelyanWritten by Julie Trevelyan.

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