Holiday River Expeditions lists the top 5 family river rafting adventures.  We all know that kids love to go to Disneyland but if they’ll love going on a family rafting trip just as much if not more.  You’ll get to spend all of your time together instead of having to branch off in different directions like other vacations.  Your kids will learn, grow, develop self-confidence, as well as realize that they can do challenging things.  You’ll work as a family, with the help of a trained and very experienced guide, navigating your way down the river and through the rapids.  In the years to come your kids will be able to recall this memory and be able to fight through adversity that will come into their lives.

Depending on the age of your children there may be even more rafting trips available to your family but these are four trips that are great for the entire family including your small children.

River Running, San Juan River, Utah

Family River Rafting, San Juan River, Utah

  • San Juan River

–          Hike to natural limestone swimming pools during this 3-4 day trip.

–          See prehistoric Indian ruins which will fascinate your family.

–           “Sand Wave” which is a rare phenomenon that can produce waves out of nowhere.

–          Warm water, swimming, and inflatable kayaks.  Perfect for lots of water play.

At the Breakfast Table

At the Breakfast Table: Desolation Canyon

  • Desolation Canyon

–          Five to six-day trip with a minimum age of five years old.  Fun for the whole family.

–          60 easy, rolling rapids for your little children to enjoy.

–          See petroglyphs and cave drawings from both Ute and Fremont Indians.

–          Beautiful colored canyon walls and rock formations.

–          Most things were named by one of the area’s early explorers John Wesley Powell.

Lower Salmon River Rafting

Lower Salmon River Rafting

  • Lower Salmon River

– Four-day trip with a minimum age of five years old.

–          Scenery is very diverse.  You’ll see sheer rock canyon walls followed by rolling mountains.

–          Travel through four different canyons and see different things in each.

–          Easy rapids for children.  They’ll be laughing and smiling the whole trip.

Green River Rafting Trips in Utah

Campsite games

  • Green River through Lodore Canyon

–          Four day trip on the Green River and is great for kids eight years and older.

–          Canyon was first explored by John Wesley Powell in 1869.

–          Class IV rapids and beautiful rainbow-colored cliff and canyon walls.

–          Elk, big-horn sheep, deer, and eagles are often spotted during this trip.

–          Trip ends in the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah

Barth Hot Spring, Main Salmon River Rafting

Barth Hot Spring, Main Salmon River Rafting

  • Main Salmon River

–          Five and six-day trips on the Salmon River and great for kids eight years and older.

–          Up to Class IV rapids every day.  Clear mountain river water in a pristine alpine canyon setting.

–          Side trips to historic homesteads.  Polly Bemis Ranch & Buckhorn Bill are common stops.

–          Enjoy a soak in the Barth Hot spring on day three & ample side canyon exploring.

–          Located in the Frank Church Wilderness, mule deer, moose & birds of prey call this home.

–          Perfect trip for paddle boats and inflatable kayaking.

Exploring Indian Ruins

Exploring Indian Ruins

These trips range from only three days to six days and just depend on your family’s schedule and calendar.  You will get to see ancient Native American Indian ruins, explore on your own in inflatable kayaks, camp on beautiful sandy beaches, and relive pieces of history on these trips.  Your family is guaranteed a good time and it’s a great opportunity to strengthen your family as you spend time together on a rafting vacation in some of the most beautiful areas on Earth.


By Kenzie Comstock