At the Holiday River office, we have our favorite Influencer pages (in no particular order) that we like to follow along with and talk about during our early morning coffee. Whether it’s discussing the latest in environmental issues or enjoying travel and fitness in the great outdoors, these accounts have something for everyone… and we can’t forget the occasionally featured pups!


Amie Engerbretson

Amie’s exuberance is contagious, and her cheerful, bright demeanor lights up her feed. Pro skier, fearless cliff jumper, and awesome dog-mom (shout out to Bill the poodle!), Amie joined Holiday a couple of years ago on a Cataract Canyon river trip, and we have loved her ever since.


If you’re not following Pattiegonia on Instagram, we highly recommend you start now. Pattiegonia came onto the scene and quickly stole our hearts with their authenticity, immense love for mother nature, and shameless advocacy for all!


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Hilary Hutcheson

Every once in a while you stumble into one of those superhumans who seem to be and do it all. Hilary is one of those people. A Mom, a business owner, fly fishing guide, climate change advocate, movie producer, and fierce water defender. If you get the chance to watch “Drop” by Protect Our Winters & Patagonia you’ll learn a lot about what makes Hilary Hutchison tick.

Max Lowe

The best thing about following Max Lowe (photographer and filmmaker behind the powerful new documentary, “Torn“) is the singular quality of his photos. Each of his images tells a fascinating story of our planet and its people. We got to know Max on a Westwater trip a while back, and we can say with certainty that on top of his creative talent, he’s also a kind, friendly, and fun person to have on a river trip.


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Ryan Hudson

Peace. Power. Presence. Perseverance. Positivity. Ryan Hudson captures your attention out of the gate with the story of his uplifting and incredible journey. From homeless to a professional snowboarder,  prepare to be inspired! #streets2peaks – Ryan, we don’t know you, but we want to! Come join us on the river.


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Brianna Madia

If you love dogs, the desert, and living vicariously through van lifers; Brianna’s Instagram is a must follow. She is a storyteller sharing about life in the desert with four pups, her orange van, and the path it’s taken to get her there. Her first book Nowhere For Very Long was just released and we strongly suggest you check it out.


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Mikah Meyer

Mikah has been running, biking, and rafting across America for the past 5+ years, and is on a lifelong quest to create more safe places for the LGBTQIA community in the great outdoors. He is also the first person to explore all 400+ National Park Service sites in one journey. If you follow him, you’ll see his genuine love for all of humanity.


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Sierra Quitiquit

Sierra is another Utah native who has traveled the world as a skier, surfer, and fierce earth defender.  One of the most positive feeds you’ll find on Instagram. It’s packed with beauty, integrity, and “stop you in your tracks” truth nuggets that will inspire you to take action on climate change. Learn about @plasticfreefridays and @protectoutwinters.


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Mike Libecki

Mike Libecki, born in California, lives in Utah and has traveled the world as a climber and explorer of untouched earth.  His feed will have you asking yourself, “Why Ration Passion?”. Mike, along with his daughter Lilliana, established The Joyineering Fund and lead humanitarian missions together. We welcome them back to the river with us whenever they are not traveling the world spreading joy.


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Kait VanHoff

Kait is the person to follow for inspiration on hiking, biking, camping, fitness, desert-dwelling, and simply living the good life. She is an entrepreneur and founded Revitalize Retreat.  She also has a 4-week Mountain Bike Training Series that caught our eye, and it’s a great tool for any of our spring or fall mountain bike trip guests!  Jump on board, you will be glad you did!


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