By Julie Trevelyan

The Ideal Gift For Adventurists: The Multi-Sport ComboWe all know someone who meets the definition of a hard-core adventure-lover. They’re often the intense adventurists that can’t seem to get enough outdoor adrenaline-inducing activities to tame their wild spirits. Of course, the complaint is always the same – they’re simply impossible to shop for and they’re always picking up the latest gear as soon as it’s released. They have drool-worthy REI dividends that earn envious stares from even the friendliest of cashiers, and they have laid back styles that simply exude inner strength and comfort.

At last, Holiday River has the perfect gift solution for these adventure lovers! Not only will it make perfect holiday gifts, birthday presents or even anniversary celebrations, it is sure to create lifelong memories that tame the wild, adventurous hunger that lurks beneath the surface of their adrenaline-seeking pulse lines.

The Ideal Gift For Adventurists: The Multi-Sport ComboThe multi-sport combination tour is for adventure lovers that don’t want to be limited to one adventure, but want to embrace the multi-sport challenge of biking and rafting an untamed wilderness. Grabbing bulls’ by the horns, these adventure lovers are sure to get their adrenaline fix on the following multi-sport rafting vacations.


  • White Rim Biking Cataract Rafting – Flying sixty-five miles from the top of a mesa down to a river bottom, this three-day excursion follows the adrenaline-inducing White Rim Trail as it hugs the Green and Colorado Rivers. Highlighting the nature beauty of the Canyonlands National Park and southern Utah’s arid desert environment, this challenging adventure features palpitating whitewater rafting rapids.
  • Moab Biking Westwater Rafting – Existing in relative obscurity for centuries, today this is the most popular die-hard mountain biking trail in existence. Drawing visitors worldwide, the La Sal Mountain loop includes a 25-mile trek along giant ponderosa pines with an overlook over Fisher Valley. The second day of the trip highlights a 4,000-foot vertical descent that drops off at Onion Creek. With two additional days spent rafting the Colorado River, this trip effortlessly combines the best of mountain biking and whitewater rafting vacations. Highlights include unique rock formations and fast-paced class IV rapids.


Whether the trip is a surprise or one that is well planned, adventurists will love this stunning vacation package that includes overnight accommodations and hearty feasts. Call us today to and our transportation specialists can make personalized recommendations that are customized based on individual trips.

Julie TrevelyanJulie Trevelyan is a freelance writer and wilderness guide in southern Utah. She especially enjoys books, coffee, yoga, wild country, horses, and dark chocolate. See more of her work on Wild Girl Writing.