The Green River: Behold Its Majestic, Powerful Beauty

Green River Lodore Stargazing Slideshow - Behold Its Majestic, Powerful Beauty, The Green River Behold Its Majestic, Powerful Beauty, The Green River. The Green River rafting daily trip is an ideal outdoor adventure for children ages five and up. This one-day trip spans a length of 12 miles, making it perfect for beginners.

The Green River in Utah has ancient roots that stem from the Shoshone Indians. Once called the Prairie Hen River by the local Native-Americans, it was renamed the Rio Verde, or Green River, in the early nineteenth century.

The Green River is Utah’s largest river and stream. Its origins begin in Wyoming, winding through the Wind River Mountains and making a steady forty-mile journey through Colorado. The majority of the Green River lies within the confines of the state of Utah. The river compromises a total length of 730 miles, with 450 miles located within Utah. The Green River twists through striking elevations – from 6,000 feet to 3,000 feet above sea level. Ultimately, it empties into the Uinta Mountains and Uinta Basin.

Once in Utah, the Green River cuts through several striking canyons, including Flaming Gorge, Horseshoe, and Kingfisher Canyons. Red Canyon follows, is more than 30 miles long, and contains the scenic Flaming Gorge Dam. Exiting the Red Canyon, the Green River flows into Browns Park before crossing into Colorado.

Lodore CanyonGates of Lodore

Flowing through Colorado’s boundaries for 40 miles, passing through the infamous Lodore Canyon, gaining rushing waters from the Yampa River, and re-entering Utah in the midst of Whirlpool Canyon, the Green River then passes through the turbulent waters of Split Mountain Canyon. This area holds the largest fall on the Green River – a striking 21 feet per mile!


Desolation CanyonDesolation Canyon viewpoint

Once the river exits these turbulent waters, it enters the Split Mountain Canyon. The peaceful waters extend into the Uinta Basin for 100 miles, inspiring a serene relaxation that overtakes visitors. The Green River then plunges into Desolation and Gray Canyons, which extend more than 120 miles. Desolation Canyon is the deepest, with areas deeper than the Grand Canyon, and Gray Canyon is a narrow pathway into the raging wilderness. Ultimately, the Green River meets the Colorado River in Stillwater Canyon, located in Canyonlands National Park.

High DesertNative Voices Globe Mallow Desolation

The Green River hugs the native landscape that highlights the desert’s unique vegetative plant- and flora-life. This includes giant pines, aspen, firs, juniper, pinyon, sagebrush, shadscale, cactus, willows, cottonwoods, and tamarisk. The difference between the desert and riparian plant life is picturesque.

The animals that call this area home include squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, deer, bighorn sheep, and elk. Other reptilian life call this area home and include a variety of lizards, toads, and snakes. Avian species are plentiful, especially near the river’s waters, and visitors can witness eagles swooping for prey.

Visitors will enjoy Holiday River Expeditions Utah white water rafting excursion deep into the wilderness where they can feel united with nature and the Green River’s fascinating geological history.