Rapidly gaining in popularity, river rafting trips offer several benefits for adventurers. Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating adventure deep into nature’s wilderness. Perfect excursions for adventurers who are short on time, or those with open schedules, rafting adventures are the ultimate vacation experience. There are several health benefits to whitewater rafting:


  • Workout – White water rafting offers a fantastic physical workout. Allowing adventurers to tackle rapids head on, white water rafting exercises the entire body. To help aid in river conquests, rafters must test their strength and endurance to successfully conquer roaring Class III and IV river rapids. Legs and arms receive an intense workout, as they are the main sources of energy that provide momentum to propel boats downstream.
  • Adventure – Allowing rafters to experience the thrill of the great outdoors, river rafting highlights breathtaking scenery, pristine wildernesses, scenic backdrops, historic sites, meandering rivers and rolling rapids. Holiday River’s rafting trips offers guests a once in a lifetime trip into the heart of this world wonder.
  • Adrenaline – White water rafting guarantees an adrenaline fueled experience. Adrenaline rushes allow rafters to not notice physical excursion, simply focusing on the heart-pounding excitement of rapidly rolling rapids. Additionally, finishing a rafting tour gives adventurers a fulfilling sense of accomplishment.
  • Stress – Helping relieve pent up tension and stress, white water rafting offers an invigorating escape from everyday life. Pristine scenery and abundant nature allows rafters to relax, leaving busy city lives and stresses behind.
  • Team – Fostering excellent team building skills, white water rafting is a superior team activity that draws people close together. Teaching healthy camaraderie, river rafting teaches team skills through fun and dynamic real-life scenarios.

Overall, river rafting is an excellent activity, providing social, psychological and physical benefits for people of all ages.

White water rafting adventures offers the benefit of helping families, couples and friends bond. Spending time in the wilderness, away from today’s modern technology, is just what the doctor ordered to help families reconnect with one another. Children of all ages enjoy white water rafting, spending time with parents and learning valuable team-building skills.

Couples can benefit from a relaxing escape, retreating from work and life’s daily stresses. Rafting is a pursuit that allows each person to explore their capabilities and qualities, while enjoying the company of loved ones.

Holiday River Expeditions, an experienced white water rafting outfitter, encourages guests to relax, take part in nature, and simply enjoy the beauty of the west’s vast wilderness.