Desolation Canyon on the Green River in Utah is the kind of place you read about in great literature. Spectacularly deep–deeper than the Grand Canyon in some places– and surrounded by more than a million acres of wilderness, “Deso” is isolated, but not desolate. For centuries, many cultures like the Ute Indians and Fremont Culture called it home. The area is rich in the most amazing flora and fauna you may ever see. From lush green forests to pristine rivers that flow through deep gorges and canyons, this region sings. It is a breath of fresh air from the mundane 9 to 5 city world that most of us live in these days. Desolation Sitting Shore



Desolation Father Daughter Kayak

Come and run the river with us this year on one of the thrilling whitewater rafting trips like Desolation Canyon. This particular trip is 5 or 6 days and is safe enough for children ages 5 and up. A few of the highlights are a 30 minute downhill hike from the canyon rim to the whitewater rafts located at the river bottom. This fun and exciting white water rafting trip will include unforgettable rapids like Steer Ridge Rapids, as well as canyon camping along white sandy beaches.


As we continue through the spectacular Desolation Canyon, we discover petroglyphs left by ancient civilizations. Here we can also view Rock Creek and McPherson Ranch where legendary Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid stayed while hiding out from the law.Desolation History Rock House


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