Supporting Local Farmers

March 8, 2014

Kelly Dunham River GuideBy Karen Johnson

Crenshaw, Canary, Ogen, Israeli and Rocky Sweet are a few of the more obscure melons you’ll find in the Melon capital of the world….Green River, Utah.   Holiday River Expeditions supports and buys local from Dunham Melons and Green River Produce from the time the annual harvest begins. During the second week in September locals celebrate Melon Days, a small town cultural event, complete with the crowning the 2012 Melon Days Queen.   A parade, square dancing, softball, live music and all you can eat melon.

“Going on one of your trips is like taking Melon 101” – Garret Rose, SLC UT

At Holiday River Expeditions we’ve had the fortune to have Kelly Dunham of the Dunham Melon Farm working for us for 28 years.   Love of the land runs deep in the Dunham family blood. Kelly and her husband Rick have now branched off and started Green River Produce, a local organic farm.   Several of our Colorado River rafting trips meet at our Green River, Utah headquarters and our guests reap the benefit of this local, delicious gift from the earth and waters of the Green River. Anyone who has had a Green River melon will tell you there is nothing else like it. Believers in buying local whenever we can, we also purchase our coffee from our local Green River Coffee company.