Holiday River Expeditions has been offering thrilling river rafting trips and mountain biking trips for almost 50 years and we know the importance of using quality equipment. Nobody wants to get into someone else’s smelly sleeping bag! Who wants to sleep in a leaky tent? We don’t (!) and nor should you. Before each trip departs, we clean, mend and inspect each piece of equipment, so you don’t have to worry!

Holiday River not only provides exceptional equipment for white water rafting and biking and we continually maintain and upgrade rafts and bikes in our fleet. Our maintenance schedule is strictly adhered to because we understand the disappointment of getting out on the beautiful Colorado River for a few days of exhilarating fun and then having an equipment failure. It’s not just inconvenient; it can spoil the whole trip!

Gear and Camping on Whitewater Rafting TripsOur River Rafts

At Holiday River Expeditions, we use 17-foot oar rafts that can handle a pretty hefty weight load including people, ice chests, food, beverages, camping gear and other equipment. Our rafts are designed to withstand the weight load and yet provide you with a “cushy” river rafting experience. We also design and build the rigging ourselves. Our design is the perfect combination of utility, security, and comfort and we believe it is among the best in our industry.
The 15-foot paddle boats offer guests the opportunity to take an active role in navigating the raft down the river and through the rapids. Guests must request to have a paddle boat on their trip when they call to make their reservation. Paddle boat participants should be in good physical condition, adventurous and willing to get wet. Each paddle boat needs 6-8 willing participants who will paddle the boat for the whole trip. The paddle boat experience is offered on the Yampa River Rafting, San Juan, Main Salmon, Lower Salmon River Rafting and Green River-Lodore Canyon whitewater river rafting trips.


Our inflatable kayaks or “duckies” are small, one-person boats that allow you to explore the river on your own. If you’re looking for added excitement on the river, then these are great fun to play with on small to moderate sized rapids. We like to bring along a few on our trips for our guests to enjoy. Children over the age of 8 can paddle the duckies.

Mountain Bikes

Our bikes are built by Specialized, a specialty bike manufacturer who is a leader in the mountain biking trips industry. We employ an in-house bike mechanic who keeps our bikes in prime working condition at all times. With top quality mountain bikes kept in excellent working order, you’ll have the time of your life on one of our exciting mountain biking vacations.

Yampa Retro River CampingCamping Gear

Off the trail or river, it’s nice to know you’ve got a comfortable bed waiting for you. You’re welcome to bring your own camping gear or rent gear from us. Our camping equipment is tried and true on river or trail. Inch-and-a-half thick air- and foam-filled sleeping mats, we call “Super Sleeper Pads”; clean and comfortable sleeping bags and trustworthy and rain-proof tents make the camping portion of your trip that much more enjoyable.

Clean and dry river bags are provided for each guest to put clothes and sleeping bag in. A smaller dry bag is provided as a day bag that is easy accessible on the river or trail throughout the day.

So rest assured that we’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively!