By Haley Strand

Spend Your Birthday on the River: Five Reasons You Must! I’ve spent many birthdays on the river. It has become a tradition over the last few years. A tradition I look forward to every year. There seem to be a lot of different attitudes around a birthday, so whether you are excited to turn one year older, or you simply want to forget about it, spending it on the river surely won’t disappoint. Here are five reasons you should plan a river trip on your birthday.

Birthday celebrations on a river rafting tripIt’s the perfect gift:

Give yourself one spectacular gift and get out on the river. Instead of the traditional birthday party such as a family gathering at grandma’s or a night out on the town, spend your birthday in an amazing environment with even better company. Get some sun and enjoy a refreshing swim in the river. This truly memorable gift could just be your favorite one of all.

Fill it with friends:

Share your river birthday with your friends! Take a whole group with you on your trip. You’re guaranteed to have a joy-filled ride with the people you love. You’ll laugh until you cry and make new friends with the other guests along the way.

It’s relaxing:

Being on a whitewater rafting trip is relaxing – well, when you aren’t going through rapids, but that part is just pure fun. Spending your birthday on the river assures you to be stress free. Let the guides do all of the heavy lifting, rowing and cooking. It’s your job to relax and enjoy. We won’t make it a big deal – we’ll just celebrate with you.

River rafting birthday celebrationThe treat:

If you don’t want singing, that’s understandable. The guides will spare you their amazing singing voices and provide a delicious birthday treat. Whether it’s a Dutch oven cake or warm brownie, it’s bound to be something good. They’ll even put a candle on yours. Make a wish and enjoy those thrilling rapids.

It’s memorable:

Got a big birthday coming up? Celebrate one of those amazing year markers in the outdoors. The upbeat attitude your trip leader and fellow guests carry is quite contagious. You’ll find yourself grinning ear to ear while going through the whitewater. And you’ll snap photos that you can look at for years to come.

Try something new this year to celebrate your big day. Whether you are big on celebrating your birthday or not – Holiday will find the perfect balance for you. A few days filled with sun, sand, lounging on the raft and eating delicious food might just be the perfect plan for you. It’s certainly a trip you won’t forget.


Haley-M-StrandAt just under 5 years old, Haley took her first river trip with Holiday River Expeditions and has been rafting with them ever since. Haley is now 23 years old with a bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Utah.  A newcomer in the marketing industry with a bright future ahead. When she isn’t working, she is working out or playing with her pups Stella and Stuey.  She loves playing in the beautiful mountains and rivers of Utah but her other love is mother ocean, from Baja California to St. Croix, Maine and the Carolinas. Haley is a true water baby at heart.