White Rim Trail Stargazing Trip

About This Trip

This White Rim Trail bike trip leads you through Canyonlands National Park, which was recently certified as a “Dark Sky Park” by the International Dark Sky Association.  We will not only leave our cares in the dust on an exhilarating and scenic bike-tour; but at night we will explore the Milky Way, see the Andromeda Galaxy, watch satellites and meteors, and learn constellations. With both binoculars and naked eyes we can open our imaginations up to the stars.  Additionally, on these Moab area mountain biking trips, we will also haul along a nice telescope to peer even deeper into the abyss.


  • Mountain bike through the “Island in the Sky”
  • Stand 1000 feet above the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers
  • The one mountain bike trip for your bucket list

Trip Overview

Location: Canyonlands National Park
Type: Naturalist
Length: 3 & 4 Days
Dates: May 12-15/Oct 3-5
Meet At: Green River, UT
Rating: Intermediate
Age Min: 14
Deposit: $300

Trip Prices

3 Day
Per person $795

4 Day
Per person $900

$10 Park Entrance Fee

Departure Dates

3 Day Trip Date

October 3

4 Day Trip Date

May 12

Check Availability

What’s Included

Life Jacket
Large Waterproof Bag
Day Bag
Camp Chair
Eating Utencils & Plates
Bike Repair Kit
Full Course Meals: Lunch the first day through
lunch the last day
Drinks: Ice Water, Lemonade, Juices, One pop/person/day-mix of regular & diet

The day bag 8″ diameter x 20″ high is for items you will need access to during the day. For your sleeping gear and clothing, we will furnish you with one bag 16″ diameter x 2 feet high. Separate storage is provided for tents and beverages. Please remember to keep your gear light and compact. The less you bring, the happier you will be. Please limit gear to no more than 15-20 lbs.

What’s NOT Included

Plastic mugs work well
Water Bottle
Not included in the rental kit
Sleeping Bag
Compact and warm
Poncho/Rain Suit
high quality important for Dinosaur & Desolation trips.
Sleeping Pad/Air Mattress
Compact, must fit in the provided bag
Light Tent:
Back packer style, not the bulky, heavy types


You can rent most of the items listed above in our sleeping rental kit. We offer two varieties, our basic sleeping kit which includes a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, rain gear and cup for $40.00, or the same basic sleeping kit with a two-person tent for $65.00. Rentals must be reserved in advance, especially on the San Juan trips where we meet away from our headquarters. Rentals requested the morning of the trip are subject to availability. Cups and water bottles available for purchase at our stores in Green River and Vernal Headquarters, or online.

BIKE must be in good repair; Holiday rental bike with helmet is available $160.00/bike; If personal bike fails to meet minimum safety standards you will be asked to rent a Holiday bike. Please note if renting bike – if you have clipless shoes you MUST bring your own pedals. Holiday rental bikes come with platform pedals only.


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