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Whitewater Kayaking Workshop – About This Trip


Are you looking for more than an adventure vacation? Then this kayaking experience through some of the most magnificent wilderness canyons of the Southwest is the answer. Prior kayaking experience is not necessary, but a kayak swimming pool class is suggested to help speed your learning on the river. These classes can be found at most colleges and universities. You should be in excellent physical condition and comfortable around water. Andy Thunell from Rapid Progression Kayak School will provide the instruction and all kayaking equipment.

Additional Things to Bring - Kayak Workshop:

Extra Sunscreen- Waterproof is recommended
Nose Plugs- For when you learn to roll
Wet Suit Booties / Tennis Shoes - A must while in the kayak
Paddling Jacket with Shell
Wool Sweater
Sunglasses - with Chums or Croakies to hold them
Visor to fit under the helmet - Example: Head Gasket


Water Skiing Gloves - For tender hands
Wet Suit - Bring Farmer John style 1/8"
Small Waterproof Pouch - Carry goodies in during the day

Trip Overview


Location: Desolation Canyon - Green River Wilderness
Type: Kayak
Length: 6 Days
Dates: Aug 5-10, 2019
Meet At: Green River, Utah 6:00 am Rating: Advanced
Age Min: 16
Deposit: $300


  • Kayak familiarization including safety and strokes
  • How to read the river, its rapids and eddy’s
  • Play in rapids, and begin to learn to roll

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Trip Price & Departure Date


$1,460 per person

*$35 BLM fee per person

6 Day Trip Date

August 5 - 10, 2019

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Starting at Sand Wash put-in in the center of the Tavaputs Plateau, this 84 mile white water rafting trip into Desolation Canyon takes us on the ride of a lifetime and we will encounter over 60 rapids! The whitewater builds in intensity each day and finally leads you out of the Plateau at Swasey's take-out, just north of our Green River headquarters.




Day 1

    • Familiarization with Equipment
    • What to expect on the Trip
    • Loosening and Stretching
    • Safety
    • Getting in and out of the Kayak
    • Learning the Forward and Reverse Strokes
    • How to Exit the Kayak while Rolled Over in the Water
    • Learning the Sweep Stroke
    • How to Enter and Exit Eddies (back current on the river)

Day 2

    • Learn various Types of Braces
    • Learn how to Read the River
    • What to do in Rapids
    • How to Ferry across the River
    • Learn the Draw Stroke
    • Learn Sculling
    • Begin Learning how to Roll

Day 3,4,and 5

    • We will cover the same skills as day 2, but will go into more depth and detail. We will strive to improve in the various areas and to make them become more automatic.

Day 6

  • Greater emphasis on playing in the rapids, and will go over items learned throughout the trip


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Holiday River Expeditions
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by David Hands on Holiday River Expeditions

My Wife and I did this trip and were thoroughly impressed!! It was challenging and very rewarding. Tired each day but slept very well. The equipment and staff were great. We ate well and were looked after. Highly recommended and would return. We traveled from Australia to do the trip!!

by Robert Evans on Holiday River Expeditions

The guides were absolutely fantastic. Our trip leader, Ellie was extremely competent, knowledgeable and friendly.The other guides, Emma, Sam and Jack were all excellent as well. The beauty of Desolation Canyon and the sense of wildness cannot be adequately described. The trip provided a perfect balance of activity and rest. The range of things encountered, including wildlife, petroglyphs, an abandoned western ranch, spectacular scenery and exciting white water was wonderful. Plus the extended trip provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know people from as far away as Australia, to as close as Utah. The food was exceptional, and the guides were super nice and very efficient in setting up camp, cooking, cleaning up, and loading out in the mornings. I could not have asked for a better trip.

by John Tokarz on Holiday River Expeditions

We had a great time! I turned 60 on this trip and was able to spend time with my daughter Kim, her husband Ro and my son Allen. This was our 2nd trip with Holiday and our guides were Brin, Sam and Trevor. They were phenomenal and were just as good at cooking gourmet meals as Lauren and Molly were on our 1st trip.

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