Specialty River Rafting Trips in UT & CO

Specialty Bike and River Rafting Trips (UT, CO)

On Speciality trips with Holiday River Expeditions, you will not only have a vacation of a lifetime, but also learn something new about both the world around you, and yourself. With a breadth of speciality river rafting trips in UT and CO, from Whitewater Kayaking Workshop, our Fall Extended Hiking trip, A Dark Sky Stargazing trip or possibly a Balance and Flow healing retreat; we offer something uniquely situated for all types of travelers. Each trip is outfitted with specialists in their field, there to shift your wilderness experience to the next gear.

Women’s Writing Workshop

May 14-18, 2020 5-days on the San Juan River ~

Retro River Rafting w/Roy Webb

June 5-9, 2020 5-days on the Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument ~ Sierra Cups, Chuck-Taylors, Cutt-off jean shorts & MORE!  There are so many unique quirks that are iconic of the ‘golden era’ of rafting, the years when Holiday River Exp. founder Dee Holladay started his business. There are some things we have changed since those days for the better but we figured some of those vintage touches would be fun to bring back for one trip only in 2020. Take a journey back through time with us on the glorious Yampa River & find a taste of what boating was like back in the 70’s. To top it all off, Roy Webb – the authority on River History- will be joining us to bring the past back to life. 

Naturalist San Juan Trip
With Andrew Gulliford

June 11-15, 2020 5-days on the San Juan River ~  The Ghosts of the San Juan are many and what better way to explore this sacred canyon than through the eyes of a die-hard naturalist?  The San Juan River holds a special place in our hearts as the calm refuge from an arid desert, the source of life between red-rock spires and buttes surrounding it.  Join us for this extra special Naturalist trip with Dr Andrew Gulliford as he brings this river of ghosts back to life over the course of 5 days in the heart of the greater Bears Ears area and Goose Neck state park.

Naturalist Cataract Canyon Trip
with John Weisheit

July 6-10, 2020 5-days on the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon ~Cataract Canyon stands as one of the 1st and best places Holiday has taken countless visitors through. It has stood the test of time as not only a favorite tourist destination, gaining notoriety every year, but also the test of geologic time, the test of flood cycles, droughts, the era of dam builders and the ongoing fight for the life of the Colorado River.  This place has a story to tell like none other. Spend 5 days relaxing, adventuring and all with the richness of The Colorado Riverkeeper’s wisdom to guide this special trip. John Weisheit will join us to take this classic “Holiday” to the next level.

Naturalist Lodore Canyon Trip
with Andrew Gulliford

Aug 11-14, 2020 4-days on the Green river through Lodore Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument ~ Visiting the Gates of Lodore is the perfect entrance into a back country river trip; with 4 days, moderate rapids, idyllic beaches and interesting side-hikes, it offers a little bit of everything. This trip however will offer even a little bit more.  Dr Andrew Gulliford will be joining us to enhance our level of naturalist interpretation & bring this magnificent canyon to life. Feel free to tune out of the electronic din from home and tune into Dr Gullifords decades of wisdom traveling this and many other canyons.

Whitewater Kayaking Workshop

Aug 3-8, 2020 6-days on the Green River through Desolation Canyon ~ Get to know the channels of the Green River from a new perspective. This Whitewater Kayaking Trip is the perfect fit for those with some serious energy, a sense of thrill, and folks looking to add a new adventure skillset to their quiver. Prior kayaking experience is not necessary, but a kayak swimming pool class is suggested to help speed your learning on the river.

Labyrinth & Cataract Canyon 10-Day
Stargazing Trip

Sept 10-19, 2020 10-days on the Green and Colorado Rivers through Labyrinth & Cataract Canyons ~ Join us on this extended hiking and Stargazing speciality trip as we approach Cataract Canyon from the Green River side, starting above the rapidly rising cliff faces of Labyrinth Canyon. This trip allows for an extended ten days exploring hidden side canyons and Ancient Pueblo structures in the heart of Canyonlands National Park & the magnificent public lands surrounding it. Some of the highlights of this trip will include hiking to the Dollhouse, enjoying the depths of Dark Canyon and not to be forgotten the raging whitewater of Cataract Canyon.  This upcoming season, we are excited to offer this unique trip with the added richness of a star-gazing special!

Custom Charter Trips

Anytime from April-Oct, 2020 ~ Milestone birthdays, book club or family gatherings. There are endless reasons to gather your friends and family for a private trip.  We can make it easy for you with numerous trips to choose from and tools to make “herding cats” a piece of cake. We’ve listed out for you our most popular charted trips along with the requirements, pricing and details.