By: Lauren Wood

I know we are all twiddling thumbs and day-dreaming about summer as the cold sets in.  With a long winter ahead of us, we are more than happy to fixate on adventures on the horizon! We are exited to offer so many unique ways to spend your vacation with us this next summer.  Come take a look!


Women’s Watercolor Workshop

Gate of Lodore ArtSuze Woolf will be joining Holiday and Great Old Broads from May 15-19th on this one of a kind watercolor workshop trip.  We will be enthusiastically supporting the continued mission of our friends with Great Old Broads. We will be floating the ancient canyons of the San Juan River.  There is no better place we could think of to learn the seriously portable and accessible art of water-color. With the gentle guidance of Suze to help you along, all beginners are welcome. Put your put brush to paper and be as inspired as we are by these beautiful places.




Del Sol QuartetDel Sol String Quartet Trip

It was ‘music to our ears’ when Del Sol String Quartet’s members asked to collaborate with them on this uniquely auditory offering.  This String Quartet trip, offered June 7-11th on the Yampa River, will provide the perfect setting for truly listening. Enjoy the music of nature alongside a classical quartet. The resonance we can expect from these skilled musicians in varied ‘concert halls’ , found each morning will be truly spectacular. Situated on the Yampa River, one couldn’t ask for a better setting for epic acoustics!  The rehearsals around the campfire at night, an exquisite way to transition from day to night. Bring your listening ears & open hearts along as we embark on this whole new kind of river trip. Read more about Del Sol here. 


Retro River Rafting

Frogg Retro RaftingGet ready for one heck of a blast from the past with our new Retro River Rafting trip, this June 4-8th on the Yampa River.  Roy Webb hold the honor of being one of river histories biggest names. He has written numerous books & interviewed countless river legends from whitewater rafting’s ‘golden era’.  He will be sharing these river stories of yore each day. While the Holiday guide staff brings a bit of the old ways back to life in front of your eyes.  There are many ways we do things now that have their roots back in the mid 60’s when Holiday got its start under the vision of its founders Dee & Sue Holladay. Those methods will be (selectively) returning for 1 trip only. We will honor our rich history, uncover some simple elegance, and appreciate how far we’ve come.  Don’t worry, we’ll still bring sleeping pads on this 2021 retro offering!


Riverkeeper Trip

John Weisheit RiverkeeperOnce you’ve floated a river with John Weisheit, the Colorado Riverkeeper, you’ll never want to miss his trips.  John’s wealth of knowledge about the river, the natural world, the flood deposits, the water policy, matched with his quick humor is something to behold.  He has a quirky way of interweaving story and facts and helping those around him begin to understand the fascinating web that is the water laws that govern out mighty rivers.  He also holds some wonderful wisdom about how to save these places. If you share our enthusiasm for rivers, please join us on this 5-Day Cataract Canyon Riverkeeper Trip July 5-9th.


History Trip Series

SpecialtyThis summer we will be partnering with Dr. Andrew Gulliford on 2 part river history trip series.  Our first trip, we will deep dive into the canyons of the San Juan River, June 10-14th.  Andrew will be a invaluable resource, helping us understand the layered histories of its ghost-filled walls. We will be centering living indigenous histories, alongside their ancient ancestors. Learning about settlers , prospectors, conquerors & dam builders alike all who share this storied landscape. Our second historical offering will take us through the Gates of Lodore on the Green River Aug 6-9th.  This is another canyon with un-told tales to tell. Histories of former indigenous peoples,  Cattle rustlers, outlaws, & indeed river pioneers like the revered John Westley Powell will make for lively storytelling. Put on your curiosity caps and join us!


Desolation Green River RainbowLGBTQ Trip Series

Members of the LGBTQ community have existed in the great outdoors forever. Yet it is often a forgotten part of our cultural identity, overshadowed by an oversaturation of media catered to city life. Well, this wilderness loving non-binary queer-kid would like to invite all my queer and trans friends and chosen family on Holiday’s inaugural LGBTQ river trip through Cataract Canyon, August 9-14*. Led by Mikah Meyer of Outside Safe Space, The Venture Out Project and myself, Lauren Wood, Co-Owner and Trip Director here at Holiday; this trip is sure to be not only a truly safe and liberating space, but the adventure of a lifetime! With crashing whitewater alongside tranquil calm water, Cataract has it all!

*Due to a high level of interest in this initial Cataract trip, we have added a second (and shorter) 3-day Westwater Canyon LGBTQ trip, August 15-17!


Kayak Workshop

Whitewater Kayaking Workshop

The Kayak Workshop is a six-day workshop in Desolation Canyon, the Green River Wilderness. We have teamed up with Andy Thunell of Rapid Progression Kayak School to create a safe and fun learning environment. A minimum age of 16-years-old is required, as well as successful completion of a kayak swimming pool class is highly recommended. The workshop winds through the Green River’s picturesque southwest canyons. The class itself focuses on using the equipment, what to expect on the river, kayak safety, tips about getting in and out of the kayak, learning forward and reverse strokes, how to react when the kayak rolls over, how to ride river rapids, sculling and the basics of learning how to roll a kayak.




Canyonlands National Park

Fall Extended Hike, Raft & Stargazing

The Fall Extended Hike, Raft & Stargazing trip through Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park is September 2-13 and meets in Green River, Utah. This adventure-filled Utah white water rafting trip is eight days long. Even people that have already seen the beauty of the Cataract Canyon will enjoy this outdoor adventure, which provides a unique, in-depth view of the canyon’s walls. Once inhabited by ancient indigenous cultures, their historic dwellings remain. The highlight of the trip is hiking from Water Canyon to Dollhouse and becoming absorbed by the shady, almost sinister depths of Dark Canyon.

These unique adventures distinguish the highly skilled, talented guides at Holiday River Expeditions. Helping create memorable vacations and whether it be instilling, reigniting or affirming a passionate love of the outdoors, these dedicated guides turn these experiences into memories that will last a lifetime.


Writer Lauren WoodAbout the author :  I have been a river runner my entire life.  It was learning from the Holiday boatwomen and men of the 1990s that led me to find my own oars. I have been a guide for Holiday River Expeditions since 2009. In my spare time I work as the Green Riverkeeper Affiliate with Living Rivers & Board Chair of the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club. A life well spent organizing communities to protect the rivers and lands I love.  I find that the lessons from the river inform my climate justice work and truly all aspects of my life.