The Maze Biking & Stargazing Trip

The Maze bike and stargazing trip is an active astronomer’s dream. This human-powered adventure will take you into one of the least-visited areas of Canyonlands National Park. Here, daytime and nighttime are equally spectacular. Officially designated as an International Dark Sky Park in 2015, Canyonlands is one of the best places in the West to enjoy the night sky. Biking through the Maze means sweeping, dramatic red rock scenery by day and an incomparable star-scape at night. The skies out here are, quite simply, enormous.

With our expert guide staff and a 4×4 support van to take care of all the logistics, you’re free to simply push your pedals and enjoy the views. The Maze bike trip is an excellent choice for those who want a vacation but don’t like sitting still. We’ll ride mostly intermediate terrain, along a dirt double-track road with a few challenging climbs and several sweet downhills. Challenge yourself just enough to enjoy our gourmet meals and a supreme sense of accomplishment. And if all that isn’t enough, this year, for the first time, we are partnering with Salt Lake City’s Clark Planetarium and our own astro-whiz, Tom Beckett, to guide you through the wonder and awe of the night sky. This Maze bike and stargazing trip is an exclusive, one-time-only offering, and group sizes are limited. Be sure to secure your spot today.

Featured Review:

“Bloody brilliant! I came all the way from London, England for this trip and boy, was it worth it. This was the best cycling, food, and scenery in the world. I met some great friends too.” (Jim Ripley)

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Trip Overview

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  • Location:

    Maze District - Canyonlands National Park

  • Length:

    4 Days

  • Dates:

    May 4-7, 2021

  • Meet at:

    Green River, UT @ 7:00 am

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  • Experience the highest quality dark sky in the U.S.
  • Massive, open night skies for maximum stargazing views
  • Learn about the universe from an expert star guide
  • Professional guides provide gourmet meals and logistical support
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4 Days

  • Adult:
  • $1,135
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    18 and under
  • $1,135
  • Senior:
    65 and older
  • $1,135
  • Group:
    10 or more
  • $1,135
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Canyonlands National Park in eastern Utah is defined by the canyons of the Green and Colorado rivers. The Maze is the region of the park to the west of the river canyons, accessible only by long, steep hikes from the river or long, rough dirt roads. Biking is by far the best way to explore the Maze, because you’re able to move more efficiently than on foot, and far more quickly than by vehicle. Our Maze trips begin at the Hans Flat Ranger Station and explore a variety of landmarks and territory. Expect approximately 80 miles of riding over four days. Trips end at Utah State Route 95, near the former Hite Marina.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1:

We’ll begin in Green River, Utah, at Holiday’s warehouse, at 7:00 a.m. Mountain Time We’ll help you get your gear packed into the van (we suggest separating your gear into a day bag and an overnight bag in order to make sure you have what you need during the day), and you can buy any last minute items from our accessories store at this time (see our packing checklist for a list of items you can find at our store). Most importantly, your guides will perform a pre-trip inspection of your bikes. If you are providing your own bike, please make sure that it is in good repair; we suggest getting a complete service at a professional shop prior to the trip. Guests whose bikes fail our inspection will be asked to rent a Holiday bike for $180.00/person.

From Green River, it’s a 3-hour van ride to the Hans Flat Ranger Station, the Park Service’s Maze District headquarters. North Point, our camp for the first night, is just a few miles away, so we’ll spend the afternoon riding out and back to the aptly named Panorama Point: the views are breathtaking. The ride is fun and fast out to the overlook (a great warm up), with a bit more climbing to get back to camp. This totals about 22 miles for the day, although more riding and hiking are always an option.

Day 2:

Today’s ride begins with 12 miles of rolling terrain through pinyon pine and juniper forest. Along the way we’ll stop and explore an old ranching/mining camp, probably used first in the 1890s. We may take a quick detour out to The Neck to enjoy one last view from this high vantage point before we start our descent over the edge of the mesa we have been riding along all morning. This is the Flint Trail, a steep, rough, rocky, and loose road. Enjoy the downhill or choose to take your bike for a short walk to the bottom of the hill. This section is less than a mile long, but takes you through 20 million years in geologic time to an area the old timers call “Under the Ledge”. Hop back on your bike at the bottom of the hill for another 10 miles of riding to our camp, right on the western edge of the Maze District at the top of Teapot Canyon.

Day 3:

After a relaxed morning of exploration (hike or bike farther around the head of Teapot Canyon, or enjoy a leisurely morning in camp), we’ll climb up to Sunset Pass and check out large deposits of petrified wood, evidence of ancient tropical swamps. What goes up must come down: roll back down the Pass and spend the rest of the day pedaling through the drainages that feed lower Cataract Canyon. Finish the day with a steak dinner at our campsite while looking down 1,400 vertical feet to lower Cataract and the Colorado River.

Day 4:

The final day of riding will consist of about 25 miles. It is generally a gentle slope down to Utah Highway 95 at the Hite Bridge on the upper end of Lake Powell. A 2-hour scenic drive will bring us back to Green River around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Itineraries for bike trips in the Maze will vary depending on assigned campsites, weather, and the ability and interests of the group. The above is just one possible four-day itinerary. Your trip may cover slightly different routes or visit different landmarks. Even though it’s a bike trip, Holiday’s motto of “Go With The Flow” still applies!

One of the advantages of a bike trip is the flexibility of the daily itinerary. It can vary widely from one trip to the next based on each group’s desires, Mother Nature, and Park Service–assigned campsites. You should come prepared for 15–30 miles of riding per day with the option for additional activity when possible. This sample itinerary illustrates a possible bike trip through the Orange Cliffs unit of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

The Maze bike trip is the most technically challenging route we offer. This undeveloped dirt road includes rolling, technical doubletrack, steep uphills and downhills, loose rocks, sand, and ruts. The trip is roughly 80 miles long with many opportunities to do side-rides in addition to the main route. Riders with no off-road bicycling experience, or who are not athletic, will most likely find this trip difficult. All riders should prepare for the trip by riding their bike on a regular basis prior to the trip.



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